This Is What Happens When You Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

On Sticking With Your Gut & Not Faultering

For months my gut has been giving me signs to follow my dream of becoming a life-designer, motivational speaker and energetic healer. I used to acknowledge my Spirit wanting to take me on this path to serve the greater good, but I would quiet it down.

I used to acknowledge my Spirit, but I would quiet it down.

I would tell myself: “One day I will pursue my dream, but right now I have to pay my bills and save money through a traditional path before I can do so.” Or: “I should stay masked behind marketing because it’s a solid and accepted career choice in San Francisco.”


There was an accumulation of confronting moments, especially this summer, when I felt sluggish and burnt out with little motivation. It felt like there were bricks weighing down my wrists and ankles.

My whole being did not want me to work on projects that didn’t align with my dreams, but my ego wasn’t listening. It didn’t give in and wouldn’t let me listen to my heart.

Then one morning, I hit my threshold. I literally had to peel myself out of bed to start the day and it hit me – why am I not spending all of my time pursuing my dreams?

From that moment on, I finally supported and accepted myself fully – including the dream to take the unconventional path and follow my heart.

And I stopped treating myself as Meghan with her own marketing business working up the corporate ladder.

I miraculously made it into one of my client’s offices that day, but with just one reason. Even though I was terrified – fearing I wouldn’t make enough money or fearing I was being irresponsible since I didn’t have a Plan B – I went with my intuition and quit.

I was honest about my dream and the entire company was beyond supportive. I am forever grateful for that.

My heart was singing that day.


I immediately felt unstuck, unlimited, and my world swarmed with hope and possibility of actually becoming the Meghan I’ve dreamed of being from such a small age – on the stage, speaking my message, living out lessons of taking risks, serendipity, faith and manifestation, and creating a life of joy that defies a full-time job that is just a means to an end.

It’s only been a few weeks since I said yes to my life and a few things have come up for me.

Once a desire is expressed into the world, opportunities of powerful opposition present themselves as a test.

I’ve been given new opportunities that have incredible allure, but do not fit within my newfound vision. By saying yes to them for monetary sake, I would be making lateral moves and not climbing my coaching ladder.

It took me a few weeks to realize this, but I now understand that I do not want anything to get in my way in terms of taking meetings, interviewing and accepting projects that don’t fit within my purpose. By saying no to these other possibilities, I’m standing in my truth and honoring my authentic path. That feels really good and has strengthened me as a person.


On the flipside, what I’ve always known, and what is showing up for me now, is that all else falls into place when I follow my gut. Since I am allowing my Spirit to help guide my life, I have way more focus, drive, motivation and energy to move forward and start my practice from scratch. I also feel safe, at peace, and excited to become someone who serves the world.

I’ve already had an aesthetician, restaurant owner, company managers and others say yes to my services in support of my passion. I’m now setting up workshops, working with clients one-on-one and spending more time writing in order to spread the word that anything is possible and that life should feel joyful.

Every time that I follow my authentic truth, the Universe delivers miraculous opportunities. I believe in the power of manifesting dreams because through the universal Law of Attraction, what you think becomes your reality.


How I follow my gut? I stay present in the moment and listen to it. When things come up, instead of immediately reacting, I tune the outside world out until I am ready to make a decision.

I don’t weigh out the pros and cons with my mind and ego, I feel what physical signs are showing up for me in that moment. If my body is light and happy, the opportunity is a positive one. I always say yes to things that make my insides feel good since they lead me to things bigger and better than I could have imagined.

However, when I feel constricted in my throat or chest, the opportunity isn’t something that my heart truly wants me to do. Saying no in those situations is really powerful because doors close to things that don’t serve so that meaningful ones open.

If you want to do something, do it. If you do not want to do it, then don’t. That is your gut talking.

Following your gut is about trusting that your inner wisdom is your number one fan and giving you the best advice possible. I believe that your gut will help you catch your dreams!

Now I’d love to hear from you! Are you ready to take the plunge?

Are your current actions reflecting your gut feeling? How can you better express your desires into the world, starting today?

Or, if you already did, what happened when you decided to live more truthfully? Did things fall into place for you as well?

Please share your insights with this epic tribe in the comments below.


Photo Credit © Florian Krauer via Unsplash

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