welcome founder laura van de vorst

You’re here! You’re curious, full of anticipation, ready to start living well.
Welcome to your springboard towards health + happiness!


Let me introduce myself. I’m Laura van de Vorst.
Health-freak. Writer. Globetrotter. Founder of The Green Tribe.


When we learn to live well in kindness and harmony with ourselves, we unearth who we really are, positively affecting our behaviour towards each other and our planet. My purpose is to grant you the tools to feel better + shine brighter.





I believe that magic happens where people come together and unite. I will introduce you to healthy heroes + green goddesses. So you can experience the thrill and feel the positive energy when reading their words and wisdom on mindful living. Let their enthusiasm and passion empower you to make a positive change in your life!


Everything you want, have or need is already inside of you.




// I grew up wanting to be an explorer. Was pretty bumped university didn’t offer a course in that! I initially chose to go to art school. I loved the immersion in creativity, but my mind kept on craving new ideas and undiscovered horizons. I ended up getting a liberal arts and sciences degree with a focus on media + business and a major in strategic marketing. I hopped on to my masters and became an innovation & entrepreneurship graduate.

// For many years I went through the greatest highs and some terrifying lows. I was blessed to live in many places and meet amazing people with whom I’ve build some of my deepest friendships. They are my sparkles, my inspiration, my muses. The less bright times spurred from a rather recurring pattern in which I’d lose myself while ambitiously pushing for endless perfection. It would be a self-depreciating year full of inner stress and pressure, after which I’d reward myself with a year of cutting slack, a break away from it all and a fresh start in a new place and country.

// At one point, I hit the wall. I was working and studying seven days a week. I felt my efforts where never going to get me to my dreams. I felt estranged from everything I was doing. In a quiet moment in yet another city, I realized that my candle had completely burnt empty. I was so unhappy, tired and full of damn aches that I burst into tears. I didn’t want to feel that way. I had been the eternal optimist. That person that stands next to you, smiling, in the biggest thunder storm. Something needed to change.

// The first Green Goddess I ever met. She asked me questions that bursted my bubble and she got right to the roots of my problem. I had build up so much stress in both my personal and professional life that I had exhausted my guts and was suffering from adrenal fatigue. I had built up food intolerances, damaged intestines, sky-high cortisol and an under-active thyroid. In the end I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Lupus.

// Change didn’t happen from one day to the other. It was a learning process. I had to dig deep in the canyons of my unconscious. Started to say ‘no’ more often. To the over-motivated voice in my head. To my stress. To my boss. The first months I learned to take the stress out of my food. My food became nutritious again, which helped me to heal my intestines, hair and skin. The next months I learned to do the right exercises for my body. I replaced the intense hourlong cardio sessions with more yoga and strength training. The biggest hurdle was my mind. It had to calm down. I had to learn to embrace the stress, make it a part of myself, deal with it positively. (One day I’ll share my effective jedi-mind tricks, yeaaaah!)

// Live free & never give up exploring. Refuse to give in. I believe we are all on a constant journey to find our purpose and truth in life, and adventurers such as you and me, are closest to find it.


Our first little steps have the biggest impact.




founder welcome// I feel energized, empowered and beyond positive. The more places I get to see, the more inspiration I feel in every cell of my body to make something truly earth-worthy. I love to create, write, experiment and research everything about wellness + health. Working on The Green Tribe definitely gets my endorphins flowing.

// And have I told you already about my neo-hippy start-up family? Together we founded online personal coaching platform healthcoachFX about a year ago. Based on the holistic power of nutrition, fitness and rest, we are passionate about helping you find your personalized path to health & happiness. My mom and the team are the brains behind the research, and my dad is the experienced business nerd. The people we get to work with are such an inspiration – for their healthy lifestyle, their wisdom and their attitude towards life. We all arrived at a point in our lives, at which we couldn’t stop the entrepreneurial urges no more. We aim to inspire and help you lead a mindful lifestyle.


Our choices define who we are.



You deserve to feel wholesome.
You have the right to feel the bliss of living well.
Learn to follow your heart, my wellness warrior. Life wholeheartedly.


Sunshine + Love,


What can you expect in the coming months? For starters, I am working on a free e-book filled with delicious + healthy recipes. I will introduce you to your new health heroes, share interviews with green goddesses, release some mind-blowing contributor stories, cover great health content, and much more!



  • I’m a left-handed Libra, ENFP and have the explorer archetype.
  • I’m an eternal optimist. My friends tell me I can make the coldest storm into a heart-warming event.
  • I’m an absolute nerd with words: I keep editing until they are enchanting. Enlightening stories are the ones that let the mind ponder + wonder.
  • Beautiful things and moments have an immense influence on my emotional state. Seriously, a song, smell or vision can make me weep in an instant.
  • I’ve the restlessness of a grasshopper. I have difficulties to remain in one place too long. I have lived in Australia, Denmark, Italy, The Netherlands and currently live in Hamburg, Germany. Can’t wait to discover more countries.
  • I feel the best when I’m active. Yoga, pilates, HIIT, running, skiing, adventuring in nature. Moving gets my creative juices flowing.
  • I’m a photography addict. I tend to make photos as if today is the last day we’ve got color on earth.
  • I recently graduated from the Copenhagen Business School in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. While writing my master thesis “The Graceful Warrior”, I discovered the power of entrepreneurial storytelling and developed a huge soft spot for sustainability and consciousness. 7 months, 12 interviews and 120 pages further, I felt enlightened, inspired and extremely empowered to manifest my own purpose.
  • A happy day involves an early rise with a warm cuppa lemon with ginger. A morning yoga session. During the day I work hard on my own projects wherever I am. In between I enjoy laughs, giggles and talks with the people around me. I might run through the park at sunset. My happiest days end in the arms of my love.