7 Facial Exercises To Protect Your Skin From Ageing

Facial Exercises

Facial exercises rejuvenate all the layers of the skin without even touching your wallet. They allow the healthier skin cells to replicate and increase the production of the depleting elastin and collagen while leaving a more natural and youthful look.

Ageing is a natural part of life. Nobody ever asked for it, but then here we are ever changing and evolving. Along with us the skin matures and gets thinner and drier. As time flies by, fine lines appear from facial expressions that you might have made throughout your amazing life. During this process, the skin begins to lose collagen and elastin responsible for keeping the skin tight and elastic.

Although we get wiser with the years, and the lines on our face are a beautiful testament to our life story – it’d still be cool to preserve our beautiful and vibrant skin naturally. That’s where the facial exercises come in!

You’ve got try it to believe it. So, are you with me?

Facial Exercises To Lift, Firm, Tone & Relax Your Face

1. Forehead

Exercising forehead muscles is very beneficial to maintain an overall youthful appearance. All you need to do is to horizontally place a finger on your forehead across the top of each eyebrow. Gently pull them downwards and raise the eyebrows against it. Hold it for a moment and then lower the eyebrows to repeat it again, at least 15-20 times.

2. Saggy Eye Bags

If those nasty saggy eye bags are making you look old and tired, place the four fingers horizontally beneath your eyes. If you’re not comfortable with it, use only one finger. Now, partially close your eyes working against the resistance created by the fingers. Hold this position for a moment, open your eyes and repeat it 10-15 times alternating with the other eye.

3. Jowl

With time it’s usually the jowl that sags that makes a face droop downwards over the jaw line. It makes a person look prematurely aged. Here’s what you can do about it. Place your four fingers along the jaw line and the pinky finger in the corner where the mouth ends. Smile as you move the corners of the mouth upwards. Relax and repeat it 20 times.

4. Cheeks

When the upper or the middle cheek are well-toned, they can make a woman look more youthful. Therefore, even if you are using the best revitol anti-aging serum don’t forget to take a minute to do an exercise for it. Place the fingers horizontally on top or across the middle of your cheeks. Smile while moving the corners of the mouth upwards. While you smile, lift your cheek and feel the resistance of your fingers. Hold it for a moment, relax and then repeat 15-20 times.

5. Crow’s Feet

Vertically place a finger on the sides of each eye and gently close them against the resistance created by them. Now open your eyes and repeat it again 15 to 20 times. An exercise simple enough to prevent crow’s feet from appearing, isn’t it?

6. Chin & Jaw

When you exercise the chin and jaw muscles, it doesn’t only strengthen them, but also stop the skin on the chin along with the neckline from getting loose and flabby. To tone and tighten the sagging skin, lift up the head and tilt it back with the chin pointing upwards. Next, the jaw needs to be pushed forward to feel the stretch while holding the position for a count of 10. Meanwhile, slowly lower the chin a few inches and lift it back up. Go on to repeat it 20 times with a break, if needed.

7. Neck

In the process of taking years off the face, we often forget the neck. So, let’s prevent or reverse the sagging skin on the neckline too. Open your mouth wide and pull the corners of the mouth downwards. As you do this, you should feel the neck muscles tightening. Hold for a moment, relax and then repeat it 5 to 10 times.

No matter how great your best anti-ageing serum is, the magic of these seven amazing facial exercises will leave you spellbound. So, are you getting started today? Better late than never! ;)


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