Why It’s Time To Stop Apologizing For Your Hormones

Why It's Time To Stop Apologizing For Your Hormones
Why It's Time To Stop Apologizing For Your Hormones

For years and years us women have heard about the negative stigma and taboo around our hormones, our menstruation and our monthly cycle.

We’ve been told it’s unhygienic.

We get blamed for being “hormonal”.

We need to suffer through painful periods but cannot complain about them.

We get told PMS is normal.

We are taught that it’s normal to put synthetic hormones in our bodies to prevent pregnancies.

We carry babies for 9 months, give birth, and are then expected to look and feel exactly the same as we did beforehand.

We pay a fortune in a lifetime on menstrual pads, tampons and anti-conception.

All your efforts to relieve symptoms and bodily signals such as headaches, skin problems, mood swings, weight issues and hair loss are instantly undermined with a simple “oh, that’s normal: just your hormones acting up.”

How on earth did we get to the point that all the beautiful things that come with being a women have been degraded to something so bad?

How come women are disrespected for being… women? How come we’ve learned to feel bad about our hormones? To resent the time of the month that we’re menstruating?

You should never have to feel ashamed to be menstruating, or apologize because you’re experiencing hormonal fluctuations that are completely natural and you’ve got zero control over.

And women should never feel guilty to experience hormonal imbalances. In our modern world it has gotten to a point where it’s nearly impossible to keep your hormones in a healthy, natural balance. Here’s why:

  1. STRESS and busy-ness are glorified. Our cortisol levels are constantly spiking and stealing from our female sex hormones.
  2. Our environment, food and water is contaminated with XENO- AND PHYTO- HORMONES. Tricking our body into thinking we’ve got enough hormones in our system, making us stop producing sufficient levels of certain hormones ourselves.
  3. Fourteen year old girls are put on the pill as soon as they start menstruating. People with acne are prescribed ANTI-CONCEPTION PILLS. So are women who going through menopause. Hormone replacement therapy is one of the first treatments doctors suggest whilst this should be a last-chance solution.
  4. The SUGAR that’s added put in (75% of the processed) foods we eat, as well as the CARDIO exercises women are told they need to do, are damaging to our hormonal balance.

All of this has led to women now being ashamed of their hormones. They’ve become a bad thing. Talking about them leaves a nasty taste in our mouths. If you say the words “hormones” or “menstruation” in public people will give you weird looks.


I believe women should never feel uncomfortable about something that is so natural and beautiful: it’s a necessity for the creation of life. That’s nothing but amazing and you should be proud of your body to have the strength, power, and capability to go through the processes of bringing new life into this world.

Never should you feel humiliated about hormonal imbalances or to ask for help when rebalancing your hormones.

Never should you feel bad about having your period. In many religions and traditions, your moon days is the time of the month where the woman is the most spiritual, the most connected, the most inspired.

By embracing your natural cycle you’re embracing your body and your health. You’re embracing being a woman and most important: you’re embracing being you. And everything that comes with the full package of being you!

Please stop feeling bad about your hormones, your menstruation or your cycle. By doing so you’re feeling bad about being a woman.

Women are the most beautiful, strong and important creatures in this world, and I think even men will agree on this with me. So please embrace being one, and if you love your own body, hormones and cycle, others will too.

Let me start right here:




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