How To Radically Free Yourself With Tantra

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The Power Of Tantra

Tantra contains a powerfully liberating view of life for those who dare to embrace it. But if you’re thinking of the Kama Sutra and Sex, then you’re in for a disappointment. Tantra is something entirely different: a truly radical philosophy.

Non-dualist Shaivist Tantra assumes that everything originates through one source, one universal consciousness. This consciousness, out of its own infinite freedom, creates the principles of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva, the unchanging, consistent energy. Shakti, the creative, changing energy. Let’s not compare them to masculine and feminine, because we tend to identify with these terms and attribute personal judgements. It has very little to do with male and female. But it has everything to do with polarities, differences and change. All of these are expressions of this one source.

Tantra contains a powerfully liberating view of life for those who dare to embrace it.

What’s often ignored is that the universal force does not judge in terms of good and evil. Yet, we tend to interpret what we experience as positive to be part of consciousness, but not the negative. Yet, both, good and evil, exist within the spectrum of potential expression. And every negative experience holds something positive in it and every positive experience holds something negative.

Judgement exists only within our limited, individual minds. As humans we have created these definitions for ourselves in order to judge, compare, assess – sometimes survive. Even judgement – as a divine creation – holds positive and negative aspects. However, the universe explores potentiality out of it’s own free nature – without judgements, goals or aspirations.


1. Comparing apples and oranges

Compare yourself less to others and consider yourself to be a unique expression of consciousness. Yes! You are nothing less. Everyone has a different background, different abilities, different goals. Comparing apples with oranges rarely makes sense. Regardless of how everyone else does it – how do you want to express yourself? Celebrate that diversity and find more stability in your own expression.

2. See the big picture

In buddhist mindfulness as well as in psychology models this has become an important first step: seeing and accepting what actually is. Taking a step back and observing situations without judgement. It relaxes the mind and reduces stress. Gaining clarity helps us to evaluate different perspectives and to assess our options.

3. Have fun

Just like universal consciousness explore possibilities and express yourself in whichever way you can. Try to not take things too seriously. The more you let go of expectations and demands, the more liberated you will feel. Sometimes it’s great to just play and explore.
In life we tend to be driven by purpose and goals. We do things to achieve. We do things to change, to influence and to control. But universal consciousness creates, simply because it can. There is no attachment, no comparison and no judgement of outcome. Let’s just see what happens. Let’s play. Now that is radical freedom.


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