How To Effectively Beat The Winter Blues

Be Your Own Sunshine!

As the days are getting shorter, the weather getting colder and the sun loses its warmth, it might be hard to stay all positive and happy-go-lucky.

Your energy levels are lower, and it feels like you have less hours in a day since it gets dark so soon. And getting late to work because the traffic is jammed by the bad weather or showing up for your meeting rain-soaked doesn’t help either. It is completely normal that you start to miss those sunny summer days.

But don’t worry, you can turn this grey feeling around and be your own sunshine! Here are a few pointers to beat the winter blues:


Is it already dark before you get home from work? Settle in for some cozy winter evenings! Get yourself a bunch of candles, buy a cozy fireplace-DVD, put on your favorite pajamas, make a huge pot of tea or hop into a warm bath, the possibilities are endless.

Who said staying inside can’t be nice?

And there’s no need for cocktails & BBQs: try out some new recipes for a lovely winter stew or make your own hot choco. Have a dinner party with friends and family for no other reason than having a nice get together with warming soulfoods.

Missing your summer holiday chill out? Some city trip destinations are even better in winter than during summer. Get active and go explore places like Budapest, Antwerp, Paris, Prague or Reykjavik, which are beautiful in the darker winter days. And even better: flights and hotels are often cheaper outside the summer holidays.


Getting angry because of a traffic jam or upset about having to walk or cycle trough the rain, just gives you a lot of unwanted stress that doesn’t help you any further.

I’m not saying you should be happily dancing through the rain, but try to keep in mind that what’s happening and causing the trouble is completely out of your hands and therefore unnecessary to feel bad about.

A little extra acceptance gets you a long way.



Make sure your immune system is ready for any flu’s or colds, so take some extra vitamins (especially vitamin D) and eat healthy.

Take an extra hour of sleep every now and then (it’s dark anyways and that blanket in front of your fireplace-TV is soooo cozy).

Try out some new indoor-sports like wall climbing or squash. Sporting releases all sorts of hormones that lift your spirits.


It’s completely natural and normal to have lower energy levels during the winter days, so if you feel like you’re getting in over your head at some point, make sure you take a step back before it gets too much.

It’s okay to explain to your coworkers, friends & family, they will probably recognize the feeling and everyone should take some extra care of each other during these days.
Now you know what to do when dark winter times try to get you down, and fully enjoy these cozy days. Here’s to extra quality time, warming soulfoods, staying inside, candlelight, hot drinks & winter wonderland!

You are now officially ready to keep those winter blues out of the door! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this topic, so please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below & I’ll get back to you!

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