Lovely Sardine & Avocado Salad | Choosing Healthy Fats

An Easy Recipe Packed With Nutrients

We (Laura & I) have started a nutritional medicine course to learn and discover even more about health & food relationships and the healing powers of a well-balanced diet. I got inspired to make this recipe full of nutritional value that nourishes your body, boosts your immune system, clears your arteries, is good for your heart & blood pressure, and so much more.

The recipe is easy to make and filled with healthy fats. Have the salad as a full meal on your own or serve 2-4 people when used as a side dish.
Salad ingredients
Any green leaf salad you prefer, I like to use field salad (also known as corn salad or lamb’s lettuce) about 75 grams
Half a cucumber
1 red bell pepper
1 avocado
1 can of sardines in olive oil
1 pack of sprouts (any, but I like to mix a few up) about 60 grams
Tablespoon of chiaseeds
1 fresh clove of garlic

Dressing ingredients
2 teaspoons of mustard
2 teaspoons of honey/agave syrup
4-6 teaspoons of olive oil (approximately)

Get yourself a nice big bowl and put the green leaf salad & sprouts in there. You can give it a quick rinse so it’s a bit more moist in the end. Cut the paprika & cucumber the way you like it (diced, smaller pieces, slices), use a garlic press or cut up the garlic as small as possible and add everything to the bowl.

Proceed to cut the avocado in half and remove the large seed. Slice the avocado flesh horizontal without cutting through the skin, this helps you easily get out the flesh with a spoon afterwards. Cut into some nice big chunks so you get those lovely bites of avocado awesomeness when eating.

Use a fork to get the sardines out of the can, not only to avoid hurting yourself with those sharp edges but this also leaves some of the oil in there, which can be a bit too much and might be too intense taste-wise for this salad. Mash up the sardines with your fork or use a knife, and add to the salad together with the avocado.

Mix up all the dressing ingredients in a smaller bowl or simply use a mug or cup. Begin with the mustard and honey/syrup and then start adding the olive oil until you have a smooth mixture and are happy with the taste. Getting it nice and smooth can take quit a bit of stirring so don’t worry if you don’t get it right immediately. Add some salt & pepper if you like.

Add to the salad with the chiaseeds and mix everything up. And there’s your lovely healthy bowl of deliciousness!

Some Extra Cooking Hacks:

  • If you use dry chiaseeds in any dish always make sure to drink some water on the side since it subtracts a lot of fluids.
  • How to be sure you avocado is ripe: remove the stem on the top, when it’s bright green it’s not ripe yet, brown means overripe and it should be perfect when it’s green-yellowish and you can slightly squeeze it when pressing your thumb into the skin.
  • For some variation use mackerel which is just as healthy! You might want to add some more dressing in case you do, since you’ll be “missing” the oil from the sardines.
  • Add a handful of cashew nuts for some crunchiness and even more healthy fats. This adds quite some nutritional value so you can have the salad for dinner.



    Sardines are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your body meaning you cannot produce them yourself and need to get them via your nutrition. They decrease inflammation, boost your immune system, remove build-up in arteries, lower blood pressure and are essential for your brain. Amazing what a bit of fish can do for you!

    Avocados and olive oil contain Omega-9. Omega-9 fatty acids are monounsaturated fats, which are also important in a balanced, healthy diet. They contain loads of fiber, potassium, magnesium and vitamin E, and guess what: vitamin E “protects” the less stable fatty acids making sure they don’t oxidize in your body. So the fish & avocado combo is a golden one!

    Leafy green vegetables are awesome for you as well, they are easily processed by your body and contain nothing but good stuff for you: minerals, fibers, vitamins & antioxidants.

    So nourish your body and enjoy this delicious & healthy salad!


    Photo Credit © The Green Tribe’s Laura

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