This One Question Can Stop Your Procrastination Instantly

There is an innate power in all of us, allowing to live our wildest dreams.

Why is it then, that we so easily drift away from it? We easily forget to rely on our inner strength, persistence, creativity and actions. We forget because we become startled by constant comparison to others, who seem to have better resources, greater ideas and more success.

And so everyday we drift away a bit further from ourselves, abusing our sparkling souls by analyzing ourselves through the eyes of others. Others whose constant flow of awesome content, we are bombarded with online – overwhelming us, making our inner fires feel small and fragile.

Soulpreneur Danielle LaPorte takes the bull right by its horns, saying:

Don’t let your want for perfection become procrastination.

Although we still feel that we have the sparkles inside of us, we somehow lost our roadmaps to our basecamps along the way. The basecamp with the matches and the wood needed to light our big fire.

That big fire is your future potential. The one you already envisioned. It is your mark on the world. It is the fire that keeps you warm and fuzzy at night and makes you jump right out of bed in the morning. It is the fire that will help you change the lives of others day by day.

It is the fire that you never ever want to let go of and die out, because it makes you feel alive.


In the process there is one question I learnt to ask myself.

I always thought I was perfectly in control of my online behavior. But when the Internet fell out, I realised I wasn’t. By the time I had breakfast, I’ve had seven impulses to grab my phone to look something up, check notifications or just roam while I ate alone.

Oh how disturbing I found it to see my mind being dependent on this constant presence of valuable and not so valuable information. In fact, the Internet fools me into thinking that I cannot work without it.

It’s almost as if our devices have become extensions of our bodies, essential facilitators of our daily lives, enablers that we need to get ahead.


Of course it has dozens of great plugins, networks, channels and apps to help us make stuff. The answer to light your big fire though, is not within the Internet. It will not grow bigger while you await the time ticking away. When we create, it comes from inside of us.

We are responsible for our creations. That is not scary. That is beautiful. We all have the power to come up with concepts that no one has ever thought of before. We just have to find our way back to our inner basecamp with the matches and the wood.

Only you can find your basecamp.

So that one question pushing, motivating and guiding me to put a hold to the superficial, short-term, often empty messages we are bombarded with every minute of the day via our smartphones and tablets?

While I procrastinate scrolling to seek answers, I ask myself this:




As soon as I think of that, I get my ass back over to the real punch – throwing it over the little sparkles and igniting big flames.

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