Why Your Soul Wants You To Stop Judging Yourself & Others

We are human. We all judge.

Judging others is a useful tool for navigating the world. By judging we can categorise complex knowledge and process it. It strives to separates us from them, good from bad, this from that.

It is so easy to get drawn into judgement because our logic brain is desperate to pin someone down. Our rational part loves creating certainty from the unknown and clearly defining our point of difference.

But our souls are uncomfortable with this.

Our soul knows the truth of our nature; that we are so much more than how we seem, look or behave. Our soul knows that we are not really that different from each other at all. In fact our soul knows that we are the vibrational frequency we radiate in the present moment. So judging others in this limited way leaves us feeling funny – out of integrity with our spirit.

Here are 5 reasons why your soul wants you to judge yourself and others less.


When you judge someone for their behaviour or actions you are seeing only that moment. You have no idea what came just before. They may have just got some really bad news or they may have just dropped something on their toe.

Or maybe it is more than that, perhaps they have issues with intimacy, or accepting kindness, or a fear of people taking advantage of them. Your soul knows that they are doing an expansive job at living life in their own particular framework – no matter how it seems to you.


It is not your job to police the world for good and bad. It is not your job to hold people accountable, it is not your job to punish them.

If someone hurts you – you do not need to hold them to it. They already feel it. They have to live with themselves. As much as they block and suppress their discomfort, it is still affecting them.
So you can let go, forgive and no longer carry the burden of needing to judge or limit someone by their past.

(Psst: just don’t put yourself in a compromising situation)



In all your many lifetimes, in your incarnations, you have done it all. You as a soul have been there, done that. You have betrayed and been betrayed. You have caused pain and suffering and you have suffered. You have been worshipped and enslaved. You are one with all other beings.

And even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, even in this lifetime, you have done things, thought stuff, and been messily imperfect on more than one occasion. So who are you to judge?


The way you judge others is a reflection on how you treat yourself. Do you really need to take the moral high ground approach?

It is much more beneficial to take the human approach. Such as; “Oh sister, I have been there, I know how it feels”.

Taking the moral high ground approach means you would have to maintain it so that you do not slip up. It means control and perfectionism, so that you don’t have to fear bringing the same judgement that you have so liberally dished out – on to yourself.

So give yourself a break. Be gentle and kind to others so that you can be gentle to yourself.


When you look at something as right or wrong, left or right, or rich or poor you are creating your perceptions based on a very limited view.

But, when you look at something without your pre-conceived ideas, you open yourself up to see the wonder. You see beyond the confines of your mind’s eye and see the light of their soul. This will be a very different viewpoint and allows people to express their spirit in the moment – you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Your soul wants you to let go of seeing yourself as the ego identity. It wants you to be free to express the light of who you are in this moment.

When you practice seeing others for the essence they are in this moment, your system will soften and ease and you will feel a whole lot more able to access your own light.


Try noticing how often you judge today.
Do you judge yourself?
When do you judge others?

And when your mind does slip into judgement, see if you can switch to seeing this being as a soul on a learning journey.

It is a very human journey where you will be messy, imperfect and learn so much from your mistakes. Be free of your story, free of the past, free of the future. An expression of this moment.

Photo Credit © Tyssul Patel via Unsplash

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