Micro-Retreat: Mudra Morning With MangalaM

A Mudra Morning at MangalaM

One of my latest health & wellbeing discoveries is a true gem. MangalaM meditation & yoga is a bright studio located in the center of Amsterdam, overlooking the flow of the Amstel. A few weeks ago, on a bright Sunday morning, I joined their Mudra workshop.

Authentic, peaceful and full of wisdom, MangalaM guides us on a beautiful journey towards finding our inner gurus, nourishing our minds and reinvigorating our hearts.

The moment I stepped through the door, I entered a magical micro-retreat filled with meta-energies.

MangalaM’s teachers – Monica & Matsyendra – welcome yoga-lovers in their own home. A space that breathes accrued wisdom, inner discoveries, and globetrotting; collected through inner and outer exploring.


MangalaM provides courses, drop-in classes, and private tuition, based on the classical branches of Hatha and Raja Yoga. “Within these traditions we find a vast amount of techniques and practices that cleanse, strengthen, invigorate and balance you, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This will help you live your life to your fullest potential.”

The small scale of the studio is a blessing for personal guidance. Adjustments and advice are given immediately where needed (groups are limited to a maximum of eight). The teachers at MangalaM, Matsyendra and Monica, are both certified and have many years of experience in their own practice as well as in teaching others.

Classes start with the body with various exercises and poses, Asanas, leading onto the subtler aspects of our being, such as breathing, relaxation, concentration and meditation. Cleansing techniques for the physical body, collectively referred to as Shatkarmas, are also introduced and taught during some courses and workshops.

The homely atmosphere, the bright light at sunrise and warm beams at sunset, help every stressed-out soul forget about the buzzing city outside.

While Amsterdam awakens we practice the art of Antar Mouna – inner silence – on the roof terrace. No words, just each other’s presence, a ginger tea with raw buckwheat honey and some rays of sunshine on our faces. Pure bliss.



The 3-hour Mudra Workshop, also called ‘the ladder’, is a journey through the seven chakras with mudras.

A Mudra is a certain gesture or posture which redirects and strengthens your own energy field. Mudras are a wonderful add-on to Asanas, Pranayamas, and Bandhas.

We started the morning with Asana practice, pranayama and relaxation and then, after a short silent break, moved on to experience the effect that mudras can induce.

Practicing a mudra extends the individual Prana to higher chakras bringing you in a higher state of consciousness. Mudras create a direct link between Annamaykosha (the physical level), Manomayakosha (the mental level) and Pranamayakosha (the energetic level). This results in the reaching a state of Anandamayakosha (the level of bliss).

5 main categories of mudras illustrate the range of gestures: Hasta Mudra (hand mudras), Mana Mudra (head/face mudras using eyes, ears, nose, tongue and lips), Kaya Mudra (bodily mudras), Bandha Mudra (combining Bandha, Asana, Pranayama & Mudra), and Adhara Mudra.

That magical morning at MangalaM helped me find inner peace in a moment I most needed it. I can’t wait to go back for more.



Amsteldijk 82



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Photo Credit © Teska Overbeeke

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