Being Well: A New Era of Connecting & Collaborating

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Meaningful Relationships Are The Key To Happiness

The digital world can feel like a roaring jungle of overwhelming information. An ever-increasing number of people craves a digital detox – myself included – and might schedule some much-needed time to unplug. We catch ourselves nodding and agreeing – reading about the harms of digital stress and the isolation risks that come with our online social behaviour – while we continue scrolling our tablets and smartphones that reveal more tweets, emails, and the latest updates of our favourite online destinations.

Now, more than ever, people are seeking meaningful connections, mindfulness and purpose.

Never underestimate the power of connecting with other people. Humans are social creatures and social interaction does wonders to our health and wellbeing. But we should not dismiss online communication altogether.

In a spot-on article, Mara Pinkert, strong advocate of meaningful relationships and well-being, points out how the Internet is not only a vice but also a virtue in a globalised world.

A likeminded soul – with the skills, resources or connections you need – might be waiting at the other end of the world for a person like you. Virtually connecting with him or her will allow you to execute your changemaking ideas and make your dreams come true!

Mara works for the ‘Young European Leadership Society’. A great example of a platform allowing different people to connect and work on common projects over the Internet. The YEL society connects people from different backgrounds and other countries through a common goal. Together these talents are able to create projects they care about.


Being Well: A New Era of Connecting & Collaborating

by Mara Pinkert
The ultimate key to happiness is feeling loved and connected to other people. The opposite of this is feeling disconnected and unwanted.

Sometimes it feels like no one cares about your vision and ideas. The key to building successful careers and happiness is to create meaningful relationships.

Whatever you care about, someone out there cares about it, too.

I started to realise the empowering effect of having meaningful relationships after I finished my degree in Human Rights at the University of Sydney. Living and studying abroad is invigorating and draining at the same time. The highest highs alternate with the lowest lows rapidly – but one of the highest highs is creating meaningful relationships. A great way to stay in touch with loved ones and people that share a connection with you is over the Internet. Living in a globalised world has increased the importance of the Internet and has become a great way to stay in touch.


Happiness is about sharing your ideas with like-minded people. Collaborating with people that have the same interests is vital for the success of personal projects. We all desire to be part of something bigger than ourselves. We long to make a valuable contribution to society as a whole while we live on this beautiful planet. It gives our life meaning and fulfilment. Collaboration and being part of a team sharing the same passion creates a synergy that inspires and excites.


Isolation paralyses us, depriving us of creative synergy so that we cannot reach our goals. We don’t have to feel that way anymore. Our digital age allows us to reach out to millions of people over the Internet. National borders no longer keep us from connecting with likeminded souls. We can join virtual communities that share our ideas, visions and common goals. We can meet people with complementary skills, realise our visions and revolutionize the world together.


Making yourself visible

Be visible. Let other people know what you have done already and what you aspire to achieve. This way, other people will be able to get in touch with you and join you on your journey. A great starting point is talking to family and friends about what you would like to do and pursue.


Sharing your ideas with like-minded people is totally uplifting! This symbiosis creates a lot of positive energy. Build a network of people that you can trust and work with. Go to social gatherings; show a happy face in networking events; or attend conferences in the area you’d like to work in.


Share your knowledge; teach people what you have learned. We have all lived through extraordinary experiences in our lives, and we can benefit from each other’s knowledge. Do not hesitate to share your experiences, good and bad. This will also allow you to reflect on what you have already achieved.

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