TGT Asks: Your Wild Life’s Katie Dean

A delicious Q & A with the gorgeous, sparkling and every so lively Katie Dean from Your Wild Life. I absolutely love her! Wellness Coach, Fitness Specialist, Positivity Junkie, Passionate Blogger and Allround Bright Light for Kick-Ass Motivation. You can’t go wrong with this divine lady on your side. She is here to help you live your best life!

Daily mantra:

“She believed she could, so she did”

Song of the moment:

“I lived”, One Republic…get’s me every time.

Go-to breakfast:

Green smoothie with baby spinach, banana, pineapple, pear, spirulina, and water :)

First things you do in the morning:

I am a huge believer in rocking an attitude of gratitude, so before my feet hit the floor I go through all that I am grateful for and decide that I am going to have a sensational day. My mornings at present are not what they used to be, I have a tiny baby boy so he tends to dictate how we roll, but there is always a GIANT jar of water, baby snuggles and feeding him, then a big bowl of coffee on organic soy (I know this isn’t ideal for my precious nervous system but it’s my thing ;)

Then we usually hit the pavement for a big walk where I do Belinda Davidson’s Chakra Cleanse meditation from my iPhone. I love that I can balance myself whilst moving out and about in nature.. #uberproductive :) Throw a smoothie together when I get home and bounce through the day.

Dream destination:

Greek Isles. Haven’t been there yet and it looks DIVINE!!!

If you’d write a book, you’d call it:

The Chronicals of Katie, from WORRIER to WARRIOR

Unforgettable adventure:

Working as a Chief Stewardess and PT onboard private super yachts for 2 years… what a world!


My mum

Guilty pleasure:

The Kardashians. I don’t know why but I really enjoy it…when no-one else is around of course ;)

If you could learn one random skill, you’d learn:

It’s not random, but A language. I would LOVE to be able to speak itallian. I fell in love with italy and would love to be able to go back and have amazing conversations with the locals :)

What you’d tell your younger self:

“Value yourself. Take pride in the person you are and forget what anyone else has to say. You are going to live a life of abundance”

Healthy secret:

Inner voice. When we talk nicely to ourselves, and come from a place of love, it all works.

What’s the first thing you notice about people:

Their VIBE. I can immediately tell if someone has a genuine heart or not. Such an important quality. Someone motivated from the heart is one of my favourite sorts of people :)

Best food you ever had:

There are so many amazing foods…BUT there is a Green Smoothie at our farmers markets in Newcastle that I would walk over 1000 pieces of lego for. Its from a little stall called Superfood Revolution, and it is the BOMB!

Favourite green product:

It’s simple, but soooo useful…My glass water bottle…. it comes EVERYWHERE with me, and I love knowing that it’s BPA free :)

Best way to relax and unwind:

EXERCISE! I need to move everyday. Wether it’s in the gym, going for a run, power yoga or a walk in the fresh air, it’s what I need, daily, to make me, ME.

What accomplishment are you most proud of:

My son… he is the perfect mix of what I love most in this world, and what challenges me most in this world.

This gets your creative juices flowing:

Time in nature…ooooh…spending time in nature with my friends having in depth conversations about our life. Get’s me EVERYTIME!

Best advice you ever got:

“That the universe will only give you what you can handle”… how divine. Pretty cool right?

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