The Magic Ingredient On Your Journey To Health


Once you start your health journey, you have to deal with your environment. There will be a point at which you find yourself explaining over and over again why you do what you do to your friends, family, colleagues – all while still discovering what does and what doesn’t work for you body, mind and soul.

On your journey to health you will need a certain level of dedication. It takes patience and time:

  • to convert to a mental and physically healthy lifestyle
  • to see your body and skin change
  • before you automatically choose the foods in the supermarket that make you shine
  • to realize that the things that first felt as restrictions are actually additions to your person as a whole and help you feel happy and healthy

Changing into a positive mindset and becoming more aware of your being is a gradual process by itself.

Most of all, the hardest thing after some years of “green tribing”, is that it takes a lot of patience and understanding that many others are not yet on the same level as you. It might feel like they don’t care about the world as much as you do, when you have to explain yourself for choosing this path for the 100th time. It’s like waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with the knowledge you have made on your health journey.

You want to help and push them, but you don’t because part of your lifestyle and happiness is actually to respect their choices as much as you do yours. Feel assured that on this long – and sometimes lonesome – road, you will experience many rewarding moments and have meetings with kindred spirits. Especially from the ones you least expected would even care! They will confirm that what you’re doing isn’t at all for nothing.

It can be your sugar-loving friend who, when you go over for dinner, cooks you a sugar-free meal without you asking. The local coffee shop owner who proudly announces he ordered honey and soya-milk for your daily cappuccino. Or your brother who explains his friend how you’re not “just some vegetarian”, whereas 3 years earlier he was skeptic about your decision. It can be your roommate asking whether you can teach him some of that “meditating-stuff” you’re doing every day, because he noticed that it makes you a happy and grounded person. Or your mum who at first didn’t know what gluten were and now invents the most creative dishes and bread-replacements.

It’s that kind of energy that you are spreading that makes others want to be part of it as well and don’t mind changing their own ways a little to do so. They may even join you completely on your journey and you will feel even more rewarded.

It’s that kind of energy that you are spreading that makes others want to be part of it.

I can feel and see how the world and its people are slowly changing their ways. And your happy, green lifestyle is a huge part of spreading this good energy. It will only be a matter of time before we’re not the ones with the “healthy lifestyle” and it just becomes normal living practice for everyone. I can’t wait till we get there!


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