4 Ways To Get Better & Faster Results With Every Workout

Workout Effectively Better Faster Results

Are You Working Out Effectively?

You can join a gym and exercise regularly. You can force yourself to run every other day. But what if all the effort you put in your workout is actually working against you? What if all that hard work and self-discipline will not pay off?

Walking over the fitness floor, personal trainers only need a split second to notice the little flaws in your movements, the imbalance in your hormones or the difficulty to reach the goals you are striving for with your workout style. It is our passion to help you out.

Here is what you need to know to workout effectively:


Most of my clients primarily get their bodies moving to improve their body image. Just so they can please the person that’s greeting them in the mirror every day. Few people actually exercise to improve their overall health, when not prescribed by a doctor or anyone else in the health industry.

Although there’s nothing wrong with trying to change the way you look as your sole motivator, remind yourself that you will also improve your health in the long run if you work out the right way (which is different for every body!).


There are many ways to do a workout. Without mentioning all of them, mixing up your routine and combining unexpected disciplines will not only give you a great workout, but will leave you with better results.

Think of integrating yoga and running in your weekly plan. If swimming is your thing, then throw in a pilates class every now and then. Or balance some kick boxing with awesome ballet moves.


Remember your first workout? The list of exercises to remember was so long, you were wondering whether your brains got a tougher workout than your actual muscles. Still, Mr. Muscle Soreness paid you a visit the next day, and you felt a champ for getting out there.

No need to worry about the muscle soreness, it’s a natural reaction of your body coping with new movements. Your body needs to learn every new move you throw at it, but also wants to master it as fast as possible. That’s why muscle soreness dissolves over time if nothing in your workouts changes. Pretty soon, it’s not new anymore.

It’s good that you are getting used to your exercises: BUT don’t get too comfortable! It will bore you out and stop doing you any good. The goal of a good workout should foremost be to get better from it. The key to keep changing your body (inside and outside), is to keep improving what you are doing at the gym.

Use more weight. Do more repetitions. It’s called strength training for a reason. Ask more from yourself during your workouts. Even one more repetition means you are improving yourself, and that’s what working out should be all about.


Women are often afraid to become a female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Fear no more! You simply don’t possess the testosterone that men have. Even men are having a hard time coming close to a Terminator body, if they would wish for that.

A little muscle in the right place can drastically change the way you look and feel about yourself.

Next time you visit the gym, write down what you are doing, and try to improve it the next time you are working out. Your muscles and bones will get stronger. Your will improve your immune system. Your hormones will start to function better. And a changing body will boost your confidence.

Dare Yourself. I Dare You.



Combine your effective exercising routine with a good nutrition plan. Soon you will wear your favorite clothes again and the person in the mirror will thank you with a sexy wink.

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