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Give your mouth the best workout ever

Redefining modern-day healthy eating; changing the way modern people eat and think about food. 42º Raw is a contemporary interpretation of plant-based eating.

When I first entered 42º Raw in Copenhagen, I felt like a kid in a candy store. My heart skipped a beat. It is very rare for conscious foodies like me to find a place where we are granted the opportunity to fully indulge in the whole menu. Completely guilt-free.

42 RAW meal III

A feast for the senses of every hedonistic health-freak

“Our philosophy is that food must be served in its most natural state. Untouched by refined sugar, dairy products and preservatives. The concept builds on the understanding that the popularity of healthy natural eating is growing exponentially around the world. Our purpose is to make it more attractive, delicious, and convenient.”

They do an amazing cashew yoghurt + organic vanilla or cinnamon muesli topped with in-season fruits. I go bananas for their cold-pressed juices of which the ‘London‘, the ‘Chicago‘ ane ‘Stockholm‘ are amongst my favourites.

On a Saturday in the Pilestraede, you see natural beauties, young families and stylish couples strolling around with ’42º Raw take-away boxes’ full of delicious goodness. Getting yourself a healthy lunch is made easy.

Opt for the lasagna and you’ll get a beautiful meal made from squash, tomato, herbs, walnut, cashew, spinach and pesto. The thai noodles are squash, carrots, red curry, chili, ginger, mango & coconut. They have raw pizza, amazing gluten-free ‘breads’, to-die-for rosemary biscuits… And to satisfy your sweet tooths they’ve got the classic raw chocolate cake or bliss-balls with ingredients such as mulberries, dates, cocos flakes and spirulina. Need an energy-kick? Take a ginger-lime shot.

Founder Jesper Rydahl recently co-wrote the 42º Raw cookbook with Caroline Fibaek. So that you can reinstate that foodgasm at home.

42 RAW meal I

Seriously, this must be health-freak heaven.



Pilestræde 32, City Centre
Mo-Fri 10am-8pm | Sat 10am-6pm | Sun 11am-5pm

Waterfront, Tuborg Havnevej 4-8, Hellerup
Mo-Fri 7am-8pm | Sat 9am-5pm | Sun 10am-5pm

Soon again

42º Raw is opened every day.

42 RAW meal II

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