How To Be a Morning Person

7 Steps To A Happier Morning

Endless snoozing, morning grumps, and a coffee cup as life buoy? Our busy lives and jobs often get in the way, but we might wanna consider a little morning routine makeover for better performance, higher creativity and a brighter mood during the day. Here are 7 things to slowly start integrating and start off our days happier and healthier.


Starting your day with 2 glasses of water kickstarts your metabolism and energizes your body. It’s best to do this on an empty stomach and helps you absorb more nutrients during the rest of the day. You can experiment with cold water, water with lemon or ginger, and warm water, and try to find out what works best for your body.


You might think: “No way I’m gonna give up my precious sleep!” But taking some extra time actually relieves you from a lot of stress that causes you to feel unhappy and resented when you begin your day. All that multi-tasking, like brushing your teeth in the shower and getting dressed while gobbling your standing breakfast, isn’t going to do you any good, nor will it give you a nice start. Giving yourself some time to wake up and ease into your day does.


This one is very obvious but oh so important. Sufficient sleep is vital for your body and will help you concentrate better, balance bodily functions like your hormonal system and elevate your mood.


Remember that morning lifebuoy of yours? Yup, your coffee. A beautiful relation, for sure, but it is time to let go. Although caffeine can increase alertness and increases your heart rate, it can also cause restlessness and sleeping difficulties (even if you don’t drink it in the evening). Caffeine is addictive and your body will start to rely on it when you wake up in the morning. Try a caffeine-free version and also mind the teas your drinking – they might contain caffeine as well. Hey, look at it from the bright side: when you do enjoy your occasional coffee every now and then, it will taste DELICIOUS.


Moving your sports routine to the early hours is a truly great idea. Even just a few exercises work miracles. There are amazing free(!) mobile applications and you could be done with a 7-minute workout before you make excuses. Exercising wakes up your brain and releases all kinds of substances that improve your mood. It gives you energy that lasts for a long period after the workout. It’s said that people who exercise in the morning also move more during the rest of the day.


Provide your body with the nutrients it needs to start the day and get moving. See what works for you but variation is key. Try not to eat the same breakfast every day even though that might seem difficult. Some ideas: veggie-omelette, fruit-salad, coconut yoghurt with berries & nuts or a green smoothie.


Even when you don’t feel like it and you have that horrible meeting coming up or that mountain of papers you need to go through. Smiling will automatically send “happy-signals” to your brain and you will actually feel better. Also, smiling will work infectious on your lover/family/friends/co-workers and they will be nicer to you as well. By the time it’s lunch break everyone will be having a laugh fest!
I hope I’ve made your mornings a little easier. Let me know in the comment section how you go with this. Also, I’d love to hear what you do for a happy and healthy morning. Your fellow beautiful readers might truly benefit from your insights on their journey!


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