How To Choose From The Heart

Choosing Love Over Fear

We often make decisions out of fear. We don’t take the time to think our decisions through. We’re either scared, in a hurry, or feeling angry and think we will miss out on something important when we don’t take immediate action.


When you choose from the heart, you make better decisions.



Oh yes choosing. It is so difficult right? All those possibilities. To choose or not to choose? They might mean not giving others or ourselves the opportunity to grow or stand up for what we believe in. Or they might be chances to grow into a better person or to take care of a loved one.

On top of that decision-making-stress we tend to assume the worst outcome. Fear creeps up on us, while our minds are going 100 miles an hour.

In these circumstances, we cannot possibly expect to have the time and peace to make a considerate and balanced decision. We jump on the next opportunity and cling onto it.

Oh how we fool ourselves into thinking that we have no time and will miss out if we don’t act swiftly.



Catching and observing myself in the FOMO mode, taught me a thing or two. I thought I’d share with you what I tend to do these days when fear is taking over my decision making process. (Trust me it doesn’t always work out this way, but I am getting better at it.)


A good decision is made when you are completely calm, have all the information, and a clear overview of where you are going and what is important to you.


1. Breathe

Whenever I need to make a decision and I feel that I am in a hurry and the thoughts coming to my mind are not the most positive ones (*read* “The world is coming to an end if I don’t make the right decision” and so on), I do the following.

Concentrate on your breath and start to slow it down. Almost to a point where it is so slow that your breath takes over your whole thinking as if it needs your complete concentration.

Your heart rate will go down and oxygen levels up, nourishing all parts of your body. You will calm your mind and create space for the right thoughts to come in.

Whenever I do this, my healthy sense of humor kicks in and the feeling that I am in a hurry is evaporates. There is always time to make a decision calmly.

2. Play Around With Scenarios

The second thing I do is weighing off my options and really considering the different choices I have. Yes, even if I decide to not make a decision. That might sometimes be a good option.

Play around with scenarios. What will happen when you decide to go for this? Is it really going to be so terrible?

At this point your sense of humor is very helpful. Some of the scary outcomes that our fearful creative mind can come up with, are really not going to happen in a million years.

3. Trust Your Body Signals

If you don’t have a clue about the right thing to do and you really want to make a decision, just check in with your body. Feel how this beautiful temple of a body of yours is responding to the contemplations your are making.

If you get a good and calm feeling, you know that this is the right choice to make.

For me personally, this means that I can feel it in my heart center while breathing very calmly. When I feel at ease with peace, I know I’ve made the right decision.


Are you ready to give this a go? And what do you do to make truthful decisions that are good to you? Please share your story in the comments below.


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