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Word count: There isn’t a minimum amount of words. If you want to submit a recipe, slide show or video, you might not need more than 200 words. However, we ideally try to keep articles between 300 and 800 words.

Tone: If one thing to keep in mind, it is empathy. Feel with your reader, share your compassion and remember your own struggle to get where you are now. We do not preach or tell others what to do. Instead we help them find their way to a happy and healthy life. Help others to feel empowered, join them on their journeys towards understanding and always remain positive.

Philosophy: In light of a new conscious wave that has swept over our lands recently, we believe in the natural power of the planet and its people, as well as personalised and holistic health. We try to see the bigger picture and recognise the necessity of going back to our roots.

There is a broad spectrum of different opinions that discuss the best ways of living well. The Green Tribe is a collaborative effort, and is here to collect and connect different voices. There is no ‘One truth that fits all’. There is no right or wrong. We are all learning and everyday new insights add to our collective understanding. Everyone holds a little piece of the puzzle. Magic happens where people unite.

Topics & Content: As we see health as a holistic journey, we welcome articles that cover everything from mindfulness, fitness, yoga and nutrition to recipes, relationship advice, lifestyle choices, meditation tips, and personal stories. Anything you consider as even the smallest contribution to living well, we will take into consideration.

As for the content, we encourage you to present your words in a simple and clean fashion. You might even want to provide your readers with some well-articulated lists of pointers for them to work with.

Please note that we only add in-article links when they are non-commercial and valuable to our readers. The links to your channels will appear in your personal author box under each of your posts as well as on your author page.

In addition, we might make some small edits in your article to ensure it has a pleasant reading-flow and fits the positive message that we want to convey with our website.

Exposure: The first time you submit an article, we ask you to include a mini biography (approximately 150 words) to introduce you and your expertise to the reader. Make sure to provide us with any links to your website, social media channel(s) or even publications (books, interviews, blogs), courses, or studio. This way, we can promote you in the best way possible and provide you with the exposure you deserve.

Share: Once your article gets published, feel free to share it via your own channels. Synergy is key. Let’s start a wellness revolution!

Submission: If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, please drop me a message at laura[at]thegreentribe[dot]com, amy[at]thegreentribe[dot]com or reach us via the contact box below.


Want to contribute? Thank you so much! We are looking forward hearing from you!



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