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The Green Tribe is a collaborative blogazine and community dedicated to the bliss of living well in harmony with Mama Nature. We are here to empower you with inspiring content, energising stories and visual journeys by changemaking entrepreneurs, food pioneers, green goddesses, and healthy heroes.

  • Seeking mouthwatering and healthy recipes?
  • Some kick-in-the-butt guidelines to get you moving?
  • Sweet splashes of advise on self-love or mindfulness?
  • Tips ‘n tricks that keep you going in the modern urban jungle?

You have come to the right place! We understand that life is jammed and full of challenges.

Our generation is increasingly exposed to stress and toxically fast lifestyles. We all deal with the vices and virtues of modern life.


Our generation has come to a point where we seek meaning in everything we do. And we wonder: Why are we here?


Have you felt the conscious shift? After years of running on stand-by and auto-pilots, blinded by stress and endless consumption, we awake from the empty rut with its daily grinds. We begin to ask the right questions and do not take anything for granted no more. We start practicing mindfulness in everything we do. We question our food chains. Our energy sources. The human price we pay for fashion. We question our system. Our healthcare. Our modern lifestyles. We seek to go back to our roots. We seek kindness for our bodies, for our planet, for our people.


We crave to start over. To discover our inner beings. To explore the world. And to feel alive.


You deserve to experience the happiness and energy that comes with the joy of living a healthy and mindful life. And it doesn’t have to be complicated!

We believe that happiness comes from a balanced lifestyle based on eating well, regular physical activity, practicing mindfulness, embracing healthy relationships and exploring your inner voice and the universe. We also believe that the key to healthy living is making it delicious, exciting and fun.


If your heart is in it, you can move mountains


It is our mission to inspire you with simple, delicious, and earth-worthy ways to live better every day. To grant you the tools to feel better + shine brighter. To make you ride those wellness waves and live your life like in your wildest dreams. Believe us, you owe it to yourself.

Let’s finish with an empowering truthbomb:


Everything you want, have or need is already inside of you.


That’s right sunshine. Life’s true celebration starts from within.
Here’s to new beginnings and awesome adventures!

IGNE_logo full_final_orangeIn May 2014, The Green Tribe was launched by the creators of healthcoachFX as a way to accelerate the wave of consciousness that takes over Europe.

healthcoachFX believes that true magic happens where people unite and get together to take action. That’s why we invite wellness warriors from all over Europe here on The Green Tribe to join an ongoing conversation about health and happiness. To provide clarity in the overwhelming chaos of information. To be your springboard towards a positive and conscious lifestyle.

Born out of the mission to inspire the masses to adopt healthy lifestyles, healthcoachFX quickly realised that in order to create real change, the front-line heroes of the mindful movement should be featured and celebrated together in one place. A place that would feel like a tribe of changemakers.

healthcoachFX.com was founded in 2013 and offers fully personalised nutrition plans, fitness plans, online fitness classes and mindfulness exercises, including coaching and progress tracking. With a holistic view on health and happiness, healthcoachFX aims to provide clarity, personalisation and motivation on your journey to health.