How To Repair Your Skin & Boost Collagen With Derma-Rolling


The skin is our largest organ and a reflection of what’s going on inside our bodies.

Some skin damage is a natural part of getting older, and other skin ailments can pop up because of exposure to chemicals or weather, poor eating habits, cigarette smoking, and other issues.

But even if you’re doing all the right things – eating healthy food, drinking enough water, working on stress relief, switching to natural cosmetics and upping your suppletion – acne scars, stretch marks, dark circles and puffy under-eye bags can be persistent.

It’s nice to know then, that there are ways of repairing skin damage by stimulating collagen production.

Enter the latest skin care obsession: collagen-boosting derma-rolling.

When I first heard about rolling a small device with tiny needles over my face, I thought the whole thing was a joke. But as I learned more about this particular skin care treatment, it made so much sense!

Derma-rolling pokes your skin with hundreds of micro-needles of 0.2mm to 2mm.

You may be wondering what good it will do your skin to poke it with hundreds of micro-needles all at once.

Here’s what happens when you do.

Micro-needling makes tiny injuries to the skin and alerts your body to protect its cells. When that happens, collagen production is put into overdrive along with other skin-strengthening substances and is sent to the areas around the attacked cells, fixing them and making them stronger, too. That increased strength will also help to prevent them from becoming damaged again, or at least slow that process down.

The derma-rolling expert will carefully damage your skin cells in order to get their natural healing processes to kick in and repair old damage at the same time.

The Professional Derma-Rolling Treatment

Derma-rolling, also dubbed as ‘The Vampire Facial’ isn’t very pleasant. The thicker needles are operated by trained experts working in skin care clinics. The clinician will walk you through the process ahead of time, making sure the treatment area is numb. Afterwards it’s important that they treat your face with a serum now that it can penetrate the skin more deeply. They’ll explain how to keep your face clean and care for it in the upcoming days when you are home.

Derma-rolling won’t do good immediately, but the long-term positive effects are undeniable. Just as with some other medical devices in skincare clinics, such as skincare lasers, it may take several weeks and possibly several treatments to see positive results because of how the devices work.

The At-Home Derma-Rolling Treatment


The collagen-boosting micro-rollers for home use, have way thinner needles (0.2mm to 0.5mm) but get noticeable results without spending hundreds of euros on the professional treatments. It’s also less painful, because you’re the one in control!

Don’t forget to cleanse your face and use a primer first. A serum with collagen-boosting ingredients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid helps to soften the treatment. You’ll also push these nutrients deeply into your skin now that you’ll work with needles.

Now you start derma-rolling. Roll it across your face in all directions, as hard as you can handle. Don’t roll over one single area too often and don’t touch zits and open wounds. End your home-treatment with another layer of the serum.

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