A Frequent Traveller’s Guide To Fit & Healthy Travelling

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Healthy Travelling – How Do You Do It?

Healthy travelling is totally doable – even for frequent and business travellers. You might think that you don’t have the time you need work out, relax, or watch your diet. But while travel efficiency may be your top priority, you need to be mindful of your own personal health and fitness needs. 

Frequent travel can be especially difficult when you are crossing multiple time zones. Your timing and sleep schedule are off when this happens. The natural rhythms and even bodily functions may be out of alignment. This doesn’t necessarily have to sabotage your excursions. Let’s take a look at ways you can stay fit and healthy while travelling all the time.

Don’t Let Jet Lag Get the Best of You

If you are travelling by plane, jet lag is something that can throw you off your game, especially when skipping over time zones. You may experience symptoms like insomnia, fatigue, poor concentration, and irritability. To ward off the effects of jet lag you need to hydrate before, during, and after your trip. Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables as in-flight snacks. Avoid salty foods. 

Get plenty of electrolytes. Raw, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is packed with potassium and other electrolytes, as well as beneficial bacteria, to help with regularity and to maintain a healthy weight. Bring ACV along to add to tea or a smoothie. Try one of these delicious apple cider vinegar recipes when you land or get home to replenish.

Hit the Fitness Center Early

Pack your workout clothes and sneakers. Most hotels have fitness centres. Get up 30 minutes before you need to shower and have breakfast and do 20 to 30 minutes of cardio or resistance training. Chances are good that you won’t feel like it at the end of a long day, so get it over with. Or, take a power walk outside in fresh air. A workout will get your endorphins pumping and put you in a good mood.

Mind Your Nutritional Needs

This takes a little advanced planning. Not all meals in restaurants are going to be that healthy. You may not be able to avoid this if having dinners with clients. Pack nutritious snacks and beverages that you can keep in your hotel room. Here are a few ideas:
• Trail mix
• Fresh fruit
• Yogurt for the mini bar
• Organic oatmeal packets
• Green tea bags
• Apple cider vinegar

Be cognizant of your alcohol intake. While it is tempting to indulge in drinks in the evening, make sure you stay well hydrated with water, pace yourself, and stop indulging before you feel like there will be a hangover to deal with in the morning.


Meditation can clear your restless mind and help you to feel sharper and more aware. You can do this anywhere, such as on a plane, waiting for a train, or while taking car service. You only need to sit for 15 to 20 minutes to achieve a sense of presence and calm awareness. 


Enough can’t be said about the importance of giving your body time to rest and recover. If possible, plan to arrive at your destination the night before so that you can go right to sleep and wake up refreshed for a busy day ahead. Bring a blackout mask and ear plugs to help block out light and hotel noise.

Bottom Line

Fit and healthy travelling is entirely possible with just a little upfront planning. Take note of what makes you feel your best when not travelling and try to incorporate those same things when you are travelling. You might have to scale back on some things and be a little creative with how you accomplish others. You will thank yourself later. Most importantly, try to enjoy your travels by not allowing stress to get the better of you.

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