4 Essentials To Make The Best Homemade Beauty Products

Homemade Beauty Products
4 Essentials To Make The Best Homemade Beauty Products

As a hoarder of beauty products, I’ve been experimenting with creating my own from scratch in order to move towards a more natural and conscious lifestyle. Do-it-yourself beauty has been having a bit of a moment, and there are so many tutorials on all sorts of different products, including some I’ve never even considered being able to make.

There’s something amazingly satisfying about making a lovely treat for yourself at home and being able to see the process from start to finish.

As there are so many chemical-laden products lining store shelves, it’s also reassuring to know exactly what has gone into the things you put on your body.

The great thing about homemade beauty products is that there’s usually only a few ingredients, and they often cross over to make lots of different things, making it cheaper overall too!

These Are The 4 ingredients That Are Essential For Your Homemade Beauty Products:



Coconut oil is a hero product. Versatile, easy to keep and with an almost endless number of health benefits, it’s one to have around even if you’re not venturing into beauty. It can remove waterproof makeup, moisturise skin and hair and clean with its antibacterial properties, so you can imagine it’ll come in useful for all sorts of treats.


Most lip balms have a hint of beeswax in them, used for its conditioning and moisturising properties. Although it’s not vegan, it’s possible to source natural beeswax from certified organic sellers. With its ability to melt and set as a solid, it can really improve the consistency of some of your creations.

Beeswax is also known to protect the skin against environmental damage, including pollution which encourages free radicals, so with the added benefits it can give your skincare a great boost.


A really good range of essential oils will add a beautiful custom scent to body products or candles. Once you find your favourite combination, they can be mixed to create a perfume oil or added to an oil burner for a wonderful, easy to make fragrance. What’s more, you can tailor to the seasons, your health or even to your mood!


With its ultra-moisturising properties, shea butter is a must-have for DIY lotions and bars. Add on its ability to stimulate collagen production and to protect against UV rays and it you’ve got a lovely base for skincare and makeup products too.

Branching out into DIY skin care can seem daunting if you’re used to using certain products, but the world of natural beauty is a great step into living a more conscious life.
What are your favourite homemade products? Which ingredients should we add to the “essential” list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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