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Mountain Retreat & Recharge

Every now and then it’s important to get out of daily routines in order to recharge your energies, but also to get a different perspective. That’s really what this mountain retreat is about:

To gain a little more clarity about this amazing life.

The village of Bad Gastein is nestled into a gorgeous valley of the Austrian Alps. Its Belle Epoque architecture gives the town a magical touch and turns it into a perfect get-away location. A unique place to retreat to and recharge the batteries. Hotel Miramonte adds the final touch. An elegant, classy design hotel that welcomes each guest as if they were returning home. She’s a looker, and you’re destined to instantly fall in love.


The retreat allows you to come home to yourself. Through yoga we’ll explore the body as an entry way into our experience. How does the mind work and how do muscles, bones and organs support our awareness?

Sutra 1.4 of the Pratyabhijna hrydayam says that we embody the universe in a contracted form. Yeah. You’ll find out and feel what that means in Bad Gastein.

But just as we bring the physical body to life through yoga, we’ll clear our thinking mind with small expeditions into psychology. Thus loosening tension in the muscles and tension in the mind alike.

Many principles of performance psychology align with yogic philosophy. You’ll learn different techniques that you can take home and apply to your everyday life in order to create a true and lasting transformation.

We’ll go deep, yet it’ll be a perfect blend of effort and relaxation. You can spend your free time with hikes in the fresh mountain air, soaking in those amazing views and enjoying the hotel’s delicious cuisine. Pamper yourself with a thermal bath, sauna or a detox treatment – all included in the price offer! Hang out on the sun-deck, finally finish that book you’ve been reading or make new friends over a drink in the lounge.

In the end you will take home a fresh awareness, friendships and wonderful memories.


6-day retreat for the body and mind. Take a step back to gain clarity in your life.

6-Days from June 17th to 22nd, 2016

Nestled in the mountains of the national park Hohe Tauern: Hotel Miramonte in Bad Gastein.

Beginners and advanced yogis

Starting at 690 euros including 6 days of yoga classes, coaching, accommodation, healthy food, fresh juices, spa treatments, amenities…


Find out more and book your mountain retreat here!

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