Yoga Retreat Invitation | The 5 Elements in Sardinia

Some people and places just exert an infatuating zest of life. Eight years ago, I met the sparkliest Italian soul in my first week of university. Greta is my yin to my yang and my yang to my yin. Together we are unbreakable ;)

Over the years she has been inviting our girls squad in summer to a magical place that her grandfather built at the southern coast on Sardinia.

A bella isola that in itself has almost supernatural healing properties making it one of the Blue Zones with one of the highest rates of centenarians in the world. Yep, this island almost guarantees longevity.

Every time I return, I feel rejuvenated, invigorated and incredibly happy.

Last year Greta organised her first yoga retreat here. To me it was one of the most gorgeous and unforgettable experiences with yoga ever.

Together with 9 other yogis, we soaked up the stunning sunsets, the transformative energies and the good vibes of doing yoga in this paradise on earth.

We woke up with sunrise, practiced yoga almost 4 hours a day, and talked into the late hours under the starry skies. Daytime was for ocean swims, locally sourced whole food lunches, sunbaths and naps.

And this year you can be a part of the 5 Elements Yoga Retreat too! Greta will tell you all about it next.


Greta on organising her first yoga retreat in Sardinia:

“One of the most intense experiences lately has been the yoga retreat I organized and attended last summer in Sardinia. Certainly the location did its part, being a hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea on the Italian island Sardinia but the practice was healing and extremely energizing.

Since some time I am inspired to do a yoga teacher training and I thought it would be best to figure out whether it was something for me or not, to first go on a yoga holiday and do intense yoga. The problem was that either they were all taking place when I had to work or they were too expensive for me to afford at the time.

I desired a yoga holiday but couldn’t afford to go to Bali or Costa Rica so I organized it myself.

So I thought, hey why not organise it myself, invite some friends and do it in our family’s vacation house. I asked my yoga teacher and luckily she thought it was a cool idea and she wanted to try it out. It was the first time she gave a yoga retreat to a group of people, however had gained a lot of experience on yoga retreats she attended herself before and did a great job.

In 5 days we journeyed through the chakras (elements) starting with 2 hours intense practice in the morning and 1.5 hours in the evening for more relaxing or experimental yoga.


What happened next? Ultimate bliss and balance…

What happened in those 5 days was magic: a mixed group of people, some of which had not know each other before, got along incredibly well: resulting in long after-lunch chats, lots of laughter and new friendships. An atmosphere of pure bliss and harmony. Everyone was in peace with her or himself and was floating in a Zen vibe that was amplified by each and every single one of us.

I loved the fact of having so many happy souls leaving the island with a very balanced heart and happy face. Some had tears in their eyes, some were in love again, some had found their professional focus back and some had been more at peace with themselves and their lives…

So I decided to organise it again this year from May 24th to May 31st. And why don’t you join me?

Your soul will dance, your heart will laugh and your body will be in balance after 5 days of integral yoga practice.



6-day retreat through the 5 elements. Yoga journey goal: to find out what your element is and to build a tailored yoga practice around it for you to take home.

6-Days from May 24th to May 31st, 2016

South Sardinia, Italy, at a villa with ocean view and ocean sounds

Beginners and advanced yogis

750 euros including 6 days of yoga classes, accommodation, food, amenities, and cleaning fee.

In case you are interested in attending this year’s low-budget integrate yoga retreat, you can find out more and book here.

Yoga Retreat’s website


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