Out Now. The Hidden Gems Of Healthy Hamburg!

Moin moin :) I’ve been living in Hamburgo a little over a year now. And yes, it was a bit of a challenge, BUT I found my way around the German kitchen, with awesome concepts popping up one after the other.. ;) So voilà, my current favourites!  

My Favourite Healthy Hamburg Hangouts




When the always sunny, sparkling, enthusiastic nutritionist & plant-based chef Christine Weigand opened Lebeleicht last fall, I got verrrry excited. It’s the first cold pressed juice bar in Hamburg! Christine’s mantra? Be healthy, be happy :)

AND this beautifully designed gem is within a 500 meter radius from my home! Nom nom nom… I’m in love with their green juice, purple smoothie and mango/chia pudding. They do rad little powerballs too. This is fuel kitchen at its best!

healthy hamburg hangouts

Christine developed all recipes herself. From mouthwatering cold pressed juices – 10 in total – such as Green Supreme, Loving Red and Noble Orange – to freshly prepped seasonal smoothies and ginger / spirulina shots – the best kickstart for your body. And she’s got your breakfast and lunch covered with an array of chia pudding, mango oats, raw zucchini noodles or raw pizza. And she designed cool brainfood and tasty guilt-free sweets for your energy dips.

Our bodies can only be as good as the fuel we provide them.

Christine has a clear mission: “Lebeleicht offers nutrition for a conscious and healthy lifestyle. All juices, smoothies and meals are handmade and 100% organic (Demeter). We source our ingredients locally (Alte Land) where possible. Our recipes are based on the seasonal harvest calendar. This combination guarantees that all healthy and delicious nutrients from the fruits, veggies, and nuts are maintained for optimal health and happiness”.

Oh, and my healthfreakin’ family is hooked too ;) Santa shopped big times at Lebeleicht this year: matcha sets, teatoxes and bento lunch boxes.



kitchen: raw, plantbased, vegan, organic
Eppendorfer Landstrasse 60, Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 – 648 378 73

Mo-Fr: 9h – 18h
Sa: 10h – 18h
Sun: Closed

Lebeleicht’s website





Paledo is the place to go to celebrate your weekend with a clean and healthy brunch. But they also deliver their delicious dishes and culinary creations right into your office or home.

Started by the lovely couple Lena and Dominik in 2015, Paledo has quickly gained popularity among the cool kids of Hamburgo.

Yogis, hipsters and cool mammas meet at Paledo for matcha lattes, Açai bowls, chia pudding, overnight oats, juices, smoothies or sandwhiches made with their famous + freshly made glutenfree bread.

In line with the Paleo philosophy, everything is glutenfree, sugarfree, and dairyfree as well as free from additives, aromas and processed ingredients. Paledo’s food will make you smile.

Paledo Brunch - Healthy Hamburg Hangouts


kitchen: paleo, vegetarian, glutenfree, vegan (optional)
Lehmweg 31a, Hamburg
+49 (0)40 – 637 361 66

Tue-Sat: 9h – 18h
Sun + Mon: Closed

Paledo’s website





I discovered Gracias Madre Raw Food while being on the eastside of town with my friend Milly. And we went crazy :) This place really offers an amazing array of delicious organic (Demeter) plant-based raw food (and glutenfree, sugarfree and soyfree too!). You can feel the love that owner and chef Kerstin Stave (a.k.a. Miss Fine Food) pours into each and every one of her dishes.

Kerstin learnt from the best in raw food-Mecca L.A. and brings that California-vibe with her to Hamburg.
healthy hamburg hangouts
Her patisserie creations and also all other products are handmade so to maintain natural enzymes and healthy nutrients that your body craves and needs. Try the raspberry ‘cheesecake’, raw pizza and raw burger. Guilt-free foodgasm guaranteed.

kitchen: raw, plantbased, vegan, glutenfree, organic
Mühlenkamp 1, Hamburg

Mon: 11h – 18h
Tue-Wed: Closed
Thu-Sat: 11h – 16h
Sun: 12h – 16h

Gracias Madre’s website





Monkey Mind Yoga is the coolest yoga hangout in town! I often go 3+ times a week. This is my urban oasis, my little getaway from daily stress, city rush and the sedentary desktop life.

The monkey mind is a buddhist term which describes our restless, emotional, overwhelmed and seemingly incontrollable minds. Just as the monkey swings from branch to branch through the jungle, our minds chase one thought after the other. It bounces back and forth in time, rampantly creating endless ideas, imaginations, expectations, opinions, worries, fears and all the other ordinary insanities.

Monkey Mind Yoga teaches us methods in the form of body-, breathing- and concentration exercises, to direct and use our erratic minds purposefully. At least for a little while, as long as our inner selves can observe, enjoy and relax in the here and now.

Jette and Sophia, owners of the Monkey Mind Yoga studio, explain: “We feel very strong about teaching Yoga in such a way, that no matter its cultural background, depth or spirituality, it’s always connected to the challenges and demands of modern life, in which we’re all participating.”

They express how they aren’t reinventing the ‘yogawheel’ and are modest about their mission. They’re simply guiding us on our journeys towards self-awareness, a healthy (because from ego-freed self-love and acceptance of our bodies) to humorous interaction with our small and bigger shortcomings.

All Monkey Mind Yoga teachers are incredibly kind + loving, trained and wise. From beginning to end, I find their classes are invigorating, challenging, nourishing, strengthening and relaxing. Yes, all of that (!) wrapped into one. I don’t know how they do it, but there seriously hasn’t been one class that I didn’t love.

You can find many yoga-styles on their weekplan: the classes I tried – each and every one awesome in their own unique ways – are: Anasura (Clemens), Jivamukti (Heike, Sarah, Yasmin), Vinyasa (Jette, Jessi), Mysore (Sophia) and Deep Yoga (Nicole).

Every few weeks Monkey Mind also does insightful, transforming and beautiful workshops.


Oelkersallee 33, Hinterhof, Hamburg

Opened Mo-Sun during class hours, check the yoga plan here.
Monkey Mind’s Website





Once a year, all health-entrepreneurs, yoga studios and conscious musicians unite and celebrate the love for conscious awakening at the Yoga. Wasser. Klang. Festival. It’s a perfect taster for what the city has to offer and takes place in the beautiful inner city park ‘Planten & Blomen’.


Yoga.Wasser.Klang. Festival, Hamburg
Planten & Blomen, Hamburg
2.9.2016 – 4.9.2016

Festival’s website





VeryYOGA is a one-stop shop founded by Nancy & Sandra with 1001 gifts for your yogi loving, colour craving, and soulful friends.
Besides their own yoga collection with handmade eye pillows, personalised mats and bandini, they sell their favourite brands such as eco-friendly yoga mats by Manduka, yoga bags, yoga outfits by Spiritual Gangster, Dharma Bums, and Om Shanti, as well as the latest wellness books, teatox, bracelets and organic beauty products such as Dr. Bonners and Organic Glam.


Lehmweg 34, Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 28 57 40 25

Mo – Fri: 10h – 18h
Sat: 10h – 17h
veryYOGA’s Website


Do you have a must-visit place to add to our wanderlusting hearts? A secret insider tip on where to eat, move or live healthy in Hamburg for the tribe? We’d love to grow this list, so please leave your comment in the section below, thank you so much!

Sunshine + Love,

Laura x

Photo Credit © Lebeleicht, Paledo, veryYoga and Laura van de Vorst


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