The Importance of Keeping a Green Corner in a Grey City

Why You Should Add Some Plant Power To Your Home

Above anything else, a home is a place to feel happy, comfortable, and free. And what makes a person more comfortable than their own private green oasis in the midst of the cold urban environment of the city? Sure, it’s nice to indulge yourself by turning your house into a man cave or by having a tech corner, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dedicate at least one part to plants. They will keep you in touch with raw nature and help your soul cope with everyday crises.

Here’s why indoor plants are such a good addition to your house and what they’ll do for you:

1. They Provide You With Oxygen

While you are breathing your body uses available oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. Plants, on the other side behave in quite the opposite way by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. That is why we complement each other so well.

The best way to provide your home with the essential nutrients for your mental health and overall well-being is by having plants to cleanse the air around you and add oxygen to your living environment. This is the most obvious reason indoor plants are a global tradition that is often left unmentioned.


2. They Help You Fight Pollution

Finding out that you’re not the only thing reducing air quality in your home should not come as a surprise. In fact, people in developed countries inhale air in closed rooms that is over 12 times more polluted than outdoor air because of various compounds present in furnishings, paint and building materials. How’s that for going organic in the big city? No reason to worry though, research showed that plants are capable of removing up to 87% of air-toxins in a period of just one day.

Plants are capable of removing up to 87% of air-toxins in a period of just one day.


3. They Make You Happy

Plants are nature’s first line of defense against pollution, but us humans suffer from another kind of pollution as well. Clouding of the mind, weight in your chest, stress tearing at your nervous system, this is the life we have built for ourselves. Plants do not come from this fast-paced and aggressive world. They are a primal connection to what once was, before time even existed.

Whether Mother Nature or the Green Man are your cup of tea, it is a known fact that humans are desperate for a connection with the natural world, especially when living in the big city starts tearing at our individualism. Plants are a portal to oneself. They lift our self-esteem, increase feelings of calmness and optimism, amplify our sense of control, reduce stress and depression and improve our general well-being and mood. They grow with us in a state of mutual benefit.

The attention we pay towards our green corner reflects on the peace of mind the green corner can provide. For this reason, it is always better to have fresh seasonal plants and plants that originate from the vicinity. If you are in desperate need of a green corner, odds are that you do not have the time required to grow the rarest and more beautiful exotic blooms. Staying local is as good as eating organic – it suits your body.

They are a primal connection to what once was, before time even existed.


4. They Improve Your Focus

Not only will you feel better if you have a green corner in your home, you will also think better. Various research shows us that plants improve our mental functions. In other words they improve concentration and memory, and help us focus and achieve goals. People who work in rooms with potted plants tend to generate 13% more ideas than workers in rooms with sculptures. The same goes for your house or apartment.


5. They Make You Feel At Home

This may be a bit of a cliche, but aren’t plants just lovely? In the end they are living, breathing beings and when you live surrounded by living beings you feel better and you grow fond of them. Plants eventually become a part of your family and whether you notice or not, you give them a lot of attention and care. They will return the favor in the best ways possible.

Now it’s time to brighten your homes with some green goodness! What is your favourite green machine? Do you feel a shift in your productivity or state of mind? Please let us know how you go in the comments below.

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