What success feels like

It’s true. Money doesn’t buy happiness. You’ve probably met or heard of someone who has a bank account the size of a skyscraper and still feels somewhat empty inside. We see successful techies making unhealthy choices due to stress and stockpiling bankrolls of cash that supposedly bring happiness, but result in the opposite.

So what is it then? Why do we snap out of our daydreams and choose a path of constriction just to seek financial success?

Having gone through mind-body awareness training, I now see that the answer is simple.


Set your inner child free and join me in an exercise of imagining financial freedom and love.

Close your eyes and imagine, really imagine, that you have enough money to do absolutely anything you want.

Do you wander down the streets in far-away places? Are you buying your fifth house? Do you give to an entire population of people?

You are doing whatever brings you satisfaction with that never-ending pile of money.

Now sit with that visualization for a moment.

As you’re fantasizing over the myriad of things you would do with that financial freedom, I’m curious: What’s going on inside of your body when you have these thoughts?

How does your body feel as you prance around throwing wads of cash up in the air? If yours is anything like mine, it feels warm, like a kid, and free with infectious energy.

It feels full of possibility and love.

Speaking of love, put the thought of monetary richness to the side for a second, and think back of a moment when you were in love.

You might have been infatuated with a taste, smell, place, person or sound. Whatever moment rings of love for you, hold onto it. Sit with it for a few breaths and close your eyes.

As I think about being in love, I am reminded of the instant I met my puppy Cody and was overwhelmed with a bursting heart, a joyous “new mommy” glow, and my body tingled with happiness.

I felt light as a feather, weightless, and at peace.


Light Comes From Abundance Within

There’s physical and emotional proof that external success isn’t what we’re after. It’s the feeling state of being at ease, in love, and free that we’re chasing.

We assume money will break our life’s shackles so that we may go back to living out our dreams and experiencing a permanent state of bliss. It’s the “American Dream” mentality we’re programmed to want, because of the light we assume will be at the end of the tunnel once we’ve made it.

But actually, that light comes from abundance within.

Every day, I think about a different moment of when I have felt in love with something and my whole being vibrates at a higher frequency of joy and happiness.

When I do this exercise, miracles happen. Every time inner abundance spreads through me, my external world reciprocates.

When I appreciate my home, it feels like an energetic sanctuary and items for my studio are gifted to me or show up on my doorstep somehow.

When I give thanks for my interpersonal relationships, my friends are constantly available to connect and we stumble upon serendipitous adventures and make new memories.

When I find value in my work, money flows freely and I experience balance.

Success can’t buy happiness. But happiness will result in success from the inside out.

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