Supereasy Delicious Chocolate Mousse (V, Sf, Df)

This is a heavenly recipe. This is a vegan-sugarfree-dairyfree-supereasy-cheap-and-delicious chocolate mousse. Yes, that’s possible!

Blender or food processer

2-4 serves

6-8 fresh or dried dates -pitted-
4-6 tablespoons of raw organic cocoa powder
+/- 500 ml coconut milk -without added sugars or conservatives-

Put everything in the blender and blend away!

Make sure the dates are completely dissolved since they’ll add the sweetness to your mousse. Experiment a little until the balance between the cacao and dates is to your liking.

Divide the liquid into some nice dessert-glasses (or use wine-glasses, looks super-fancy) and put in the fridge to set. It will take 2 to 3 hours for it to get nice and fluffy.

This chocolate deliciousness is versatile as can be

  • Put it in the freezer for some healthy ice-cream on those lovely hot summer days
  • Add a banana and a couple of ice cubes and drink the liquid directly after blending for an awesome milkshake
  • Fruit and chocolate mousse is a never ending love story, so top the mousse off with whatever pieces of fresh fruits you like. This won’t just taste awesome, it looks beautiful as well. Same goes for some pretty green mint leaves of course!
  • Buy some of the pre-packaged frozen fruit if you’re on a budget and add to the blender for some extra fruitiness (go easy on the dates since this will also add sweetness)
  • Two words: Coconut. Flakes. For those bounty-lovers out there
  • You can leave them in the fridge for quite a while so make a batch in the morning when you want to save yourself the trouble of doing it around dinner time
  • For your fun: dinner guests will not believe there’s no added sugar in it. Don’t tell them till after the first few bites, they’ll be amazed! For difficult kids and husbands: just don’t tell them at all.

Chocomousse Amy III

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