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The Best of Both | Tasty & Healthy Roma

A few weeks ago Felix & me celebrated my 25th birthday in a special place. A place that stole my heart a long time ago: ROMA. I absolutely love the city and literally found myself walking around with a massive grin on my face the entire time we were there.

Oh my heart was singing, the sun was shining, and sweat was dripping coz it was hot hot hot!

As we walked our feet over the age-old roads, passing plentiful ancient, christian & modern time miracles, my curiosity for the archeological layers only grew stronger.

For me Rome works in mysterious ways. It makes the same impact on me like the infinity of the universe and the secrets of our deepest oceans. The presence of a history that rich – covering fascinating eras, cultures, philosophers, heroes and villains – puts everything that is going in our lives in its righteous place.

Rome forces you to see the bigger picture. Your daily and worrisome grinds become insignificant when you join the works of its giants.

The affection of Italians for delicious food and great company has recently brought a fair amount of good-hearted Romans to start amazing concepts based on organic farming, a healthy lifestyle and the slow movement.


Read on to find out about our delicious journey through healthy Roma!



On my birthday I enjoyed Ginger’s San Diego Juice – Pineapple, Papaya, Mint – and a delicious shi’itake-chestnut-romanesco quinoa. My pasta-minded boyfriend could choose between foodgasmic fresh tortellini, paccheri and rigatoni as well as various salumi e formaggi. Ginger also does amazing Açai bowls and serves lush fruit plateaux.


Via Borgognona 43/44
+39 06 960 363 90 (Reserving recommended)

Open every day from 9:00 – 01:00

Ginger’s website

Ginger 1

Ginger 2

Ginger 3

Ginger 4

Ginger 5



We found restaurant Fish Market by coincidence. In a little side street in Trastevere, we saw a beautiful Italian crowd waiting in line in front of a little door. Inside we found a warm atmosphere with lively Romans raving on their fresh seafood dishes. The likeable owner chitchatted with every table about the finer things in life such as fish, wine and love.


Vicolo della Luce 3/5
+39 366 9144 157

Open every day from 19.30 – 01:00 | Sat & Sun also for lunch

Fish Market’s website



“This is the first restaurant in Rome where you can choose fish from a market-like counter and where chefs prepare it for the price of a pizza.”

Fish Market 1
Fish Market 3

Fish Market 2



Strafood has a delicious juice + lunch menu. The interior is awesome – authentic and handmade. I am not sure whether this was a pop-up or a permanent restaurant. We found it on a corner at the Fontana delle Tartarughe. The owner is a fair food rockstar and is specialised in throwing organic food events, outdoor dinners and ekø food consulting

Via Paganica 8

Strafood’s website





CamBio Vita was our little energy-kick oasis after an impressive day at the Vatican. It is located in Via Del Governo Vecchio – one of the best streets in Rome full of vintage stores and cozy bars. We had a great aperitivo here. I ordered a Apple Carrot Ginger Juice while Felix had a delicious Nero d’Avola (Sicilian Red Wine). I love it when places offer both possibilities! The vegan gelato seemed amazing as well judging from the faces (and nom nom sounds) of the people around us.

Via Del Governo Vecchio, 54/55
+39 06 68 03 01 534

Opened during the day and evening

CamBio Vita




When in Rome – Go Grom! I had a serious love affair with fico (fig), cachi (persimmon) & cioccolato extranoir (lactose-free!). Grom’s gelato only uses the best organic products and has delicious vegan, lactose-free and gluten free options. Felix and me went every day. Sorry, not sorry!


Read the inspiring story of a wine maker + an economist who grew a gelato empire using only the best organic products here.


Via delle Maddalena 30
+39 06 68210447

Apr – Sept | Sun – Thu 11:00-24:00 – Fri/Sat 11:00-01:30
Oct – Mar | Sun – Thu 11:00-23:00 – Fri/Sat 11:00-24:00

Via agonale 3, Angolo Piazza Navona
Tel. +39 06 68807297

Apr – Sept | Sun – Thu 11:00-24:00 – Fri/Sat 11:00-01:30
Oct – Mar | Sun – Thu 11:00-23:00 – Fri/Sat 11:00-24:00

Via dei Giubbonari, 53, Close to Campo di Fiori
Tel: +39 0668308453

Apr – Sept | Sun – Thu 11:00-00:30 – Fri/Sat 11:00-01:30
Oct – Mar | Sun – Thu 12:00-23:00 – Fri/Sat 12:00-00:00

Grom’s website




Ever since I discovered one of Eataly’s slow food temples in Bologna, I have been obsessed with the concept. An ode to the beauty of Italy’s finest food culture, offering fair, local, and organic high-quality products.

Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492
+39 06 9027 9201

Open every day from 10:00 – 24:00

Eataly’s website

We didn’t make it this time, because it is slightly outside of the city (Stazione Roma Ostiense). But if you’ve never been and you’ve got the time, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Photo Credit © Ginger and Fish Market

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