Why I Write

Express your inner voice. Find your truth. Manifest your purpose.

A little while ago the stunning Australian Karla Layton from Times of Layt passed me the writer baton. So here it is: Why I Write.

(+ Discover the 3 wellness bloggers I nominated in the end).



Writing helps me to express my inner voice, find my truth, and manifest my purpose. It’s that simple.
Let me tell you a story. At 2-years-old, I was a curious monkey soaking in the world around me.


We’re vacationing at the beautiful mediterranean. During a lazy afternoon lunch, I ask my parents if I can pick up my teddybear from the jeep. We’re sitting on a terrace under fig trees, the warm breeze fully relaxes my hard-working mom and dad, and the car is within eye-sight.

MY CHANCE! My inner explorer can smell the freedom. Vive la France!

For hours I discover. I climb over huge rocks. I drink from a wild-water-river. I befriend a gypset couple, and play with them while the sun sets. We don’t speak the same language. Adventure is universal.

My mom & me - 1992.

Me & my mom – 1992.

I am still that little monkey. Colours, forms, smells, sounds, objects, nature, feelings, dreams. I want to remain in them. Keep them alive. Relive them. Dive deeper. And understand. Over and over again.

Writing is an ever-evolving craft I use to capture a glimpse of the world around me. I don’t want to lose inspiring fragments & truthful figments. Forgetting blissful moments scares the shizz out of me.

Writing also helps me to structure my thoughts. It is a tool to reflect on what is happening around me. It is my pencil, my instrument. At times it is my megaphone, when I release my thoughts to bounce off ideas with others.

Writing is extremely satisfying as well. It gives a sense of accomplishment. When I create something, I feel alive. In those moments I experience inner peace.


In May 2014, I started The Green Tribe, a collaborative blogazine about a conscious lifestyle. (TGT falls under my co-owned company healthcoachFX),

With every story I aim to beam out a positive energy; lifting you up while raising your consciousness. Stories should resonate.

I am eternally grateful for the positive resonance. I have been able to express my thoughts and resonate with like-minded souls. It has enabled me to connect with beautiful talents from all quarters of the compass and to start sharing their stories and wisdom with you guys.

At the same time I run ‘healthcoachFX)’ with my neo-hippie start-up family. We had a very steep learning curve with our beta-version and will soon release a range of wildly attractive products & services. We want to revolutionise the way you go about your health, which means; the end of dieting and the beginning of a new relationship with your body.

Expect fully personalised nutrition plans, fitness regimes, online personal coaching, recommended recipes, elaborate health tests, weekly health tips, shopping lists, an online workout library and so much more. (The HFX website) is getting a fresh lick of paint, so stay tuned…)



The Green Tribe & healthcoachFX believe in personalised & holistic health, in harmony with our planet. Everyone is different but everything is connected. We believe that once you hone your inner voice and tune in with your bodily needs, your raised consciousness will positively affect your surroundings and decisions.

Instead of preaching and telling you what is and is not allowed, we are here as your best friends on your unique journey towards your health + happiness. In the good times, in the not-so good times, and in the times we all just feel plain lost. That’s part of life. That’s natural.

There is no one-truth-fits-all. The Green Tribe collects and connects different voices for the greater good. Because, the truest truth springs from a collaborative effort and everyone holds a little piece of the puzzle.

Our generation can prove to be the positive change it wants to see in the world. (Are you a healthy hero, conscious lifestyle lover or green goddess? You can write with us!)



For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with letters, paper, notebooks, paint, photos and magazines. One of my earliest memories of my letter-fetish took place in a bakery.


A baker asks me whether I’d like a piece of bread. Without looking at his chocolate croissant, I turn to my mommy saying; ‘He’s in there, right mom?’ The baker frowns. A kid that doesn’t care for his pastries?

My mom nods. Yes, the ‘R’ is in bread. I feel on top of the world. Bert & Ernie eat your heart out. No one messes with my alphabetic skills.

Ideas come as quick as they go. I haven’t always been consistent in noting down brainwaves. Since a few months though, I scribble down every light-bulb-moment in my beautiful leather-bound notebook. On the cover screams a neon orange quote by Wassily Kadinsky:

Everything starts from a dot.

Somehow these words unleash a storm within me. The dot is my metaphor for getting over my fears and ending my worries. The dot symbolises enactment: instead of over-thinking, I just begin. And from there the ink flows.

The writing itself is rather intuitive. For me it is essential to set my intention. I need to facilitate my process so that I am feeling the writing vibe. Self-care is important. Nourishing my body with nutritious food, working out before the days starts, soaking in fresh gasps of air, walking in the forest, dreaming in some off-moments, sipping ginger teas, spending time alone and spending time with loved ones. When I am feeling in tune with my inner voice and completely at ease, I am most productive.

I am really curious about you. Why do you write? What gets your creative juices flowing? Let me know below in the comments <3    



Lauren Aletta

Lauren Aletta

Lauren is a Seeker and the forever curious Intuitive that guides you in wild adventures of the inner kind. She’s a spirited writer, guide and the creator of Inner Hue, a spiritual safe haven where you are supported to re-connect with the Soul part of yourSelf, lighting the way from the inside out. From Intuitive Readings, to one on one Soul Food Sessions and Soul School workshops and collaborations, Lauren is a on a heart based mission to support you in re-alighning and integrating your natural and powerful intuitive abilities in practical ways. She is where your two worlds collide to create magic.

(You can also join this inspiring beautiful soul on Facebook & Instagram.)


Danielle Fenner-Smith

Danielle Fenner-Smith

Danielle is a passionate foodie, healthy lifestyle lover and weight loss coach to be, on a mission to educate and inspire others to live a more Full Filled life. She celebrates her love for whole-foods and healthy living over at Full Filled through inspiring recipes, foodie adventures and down to earth ways of living. When she’s not cooking, eating out at the latest health cafe or coaching women who struggle with weight issues, you can find her spending time in nature, drinking coconuts and getting her beauty sleep.

(Her website Full Filled is due to Launch at the end of September. You can already join her on Facebook and for delicious foodspiration on Instagram.)


Greta Streitberger

Greta Streitberger

Greta is a true global citizen, born and raised in the multilingual Euregion, South Tyrol amid the Dolomites and lived from Maastricht to Copenhagen to New York to Singapore. With a recent Master in SME Management and Entrepreneurship she is about to employ her talents and passion in advocacy for a paradigm shift towards sustainable development. She loves to connect with people on several levels; the verbal one thanks to her five languages and non verbal through energetic vibes and empathy. She finds inspiration in nature and in the beauty of people and places, title of her creative virtual mindstorm – Ode to the beauty of life, people & places. Knowledge, a beautiful view onto the sea and a healthy, soulful meal are source of joy for Greta.

(For thought-provoking & aesthetic sparkles you can also join her on Twitter, Google + and Pinterest).

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