Fierceness & Kindness in Daily Life | Yin Yang with Akasha

Salutation Sunday in Amsterdam

Sometimes all we need is a moment of reflection and some time for ourselves to put everything in perspective. To let go of our stubborn thoughts. To relax our tense bodies. To reinvigorate all our senses.

If you are just as me really in the mood for a Salutation Sunday, then join me for a mindful morning on the 22nd of June! The Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre in Amsterdam hosts a unique Yin Yang Yoga Workshop with Anat Geiger, including a yoga class, meditation session and yin yang lecture.

Anat Geiger belongs to the top of the Dutch yoga teachers. She travels around the world for guiding yoga retreats in Europe, Bali and Brazil, but also to study with internationally renowned yoga teachers herself. Her signature classes combine the strong Yang-elements such as power and rhythm with Yin-like components such as kindness and silence. She always encourages you to practice with attention, courage and humor.

Yin Yang: Fierceness & Kindness in Daily Life…


Yin Yoga focuses especially on floor positions which are hold for a longer period of time (most of the time 3-5 minutes). Yin Yoga targets the deeper tissues in the body and therefore is practiced with the biggest possible release of the muscles. The quiet exercises are fantastic to relax the heart and calm the mind. Expect a lot of stretching.


The Taoists called the two most important forces in the universe Yin and Yang. Yang stands for everything that is dynamic, constantly changing, visible, hot and strong; Yin represents everything that is static, quiet, hidden, cold and soft. These terms are not absolute; they only exist in relation to each other and are two parts of one complete whole. The one does not exist without the other. For the Taoists – and for yogis – this means a well-balanced life in which both aspects are in harmony.
Akasha + Yoga Garden


Workshop: Yoga class, mediation session and lecture about Yin Yang

Sunday the 22nd of June from 11am – 1.30pm
In the Symphony Room of the Conservatorium Hotel
25 euros per person including yoga mats, juices, fresh fruit, dressing rooms


Conservatorium Hotel
Van Baerlestraat 27 (Museumplein), Amsterdam
+31 20 570 0000

Members, hotel guests and day guests are welcome every day of the week.
From 06:30am – 11pm.

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