The Healing Power of Connecting Body & Mind


Meet the radiant and beautiful Bebetta Campeti – longtime yogi, experienced shamanic healer and founder of the Aurora Festival in Pienza (Siena) in Italy. Her journey has been inspiring, colourful and very impressive.

In 1979, Bebetta Campeti received a BA in Theater, Anthropology and Creative Writing student at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, whereafter she worked as an actress and travelled the world while writing, directing and producing several documentaries, theater plays and monologues. In 1996 she started studying Tibetan Buddhism with Lama Khyongla Rato Rinpoce, founder of New York’s Tibet Center and deepened her knowledge of women’s spirituality with feminist Yogini Vicki Noble. More recent, she worked intensively with Dr. Ray Henshall, master of Core Shamanism. She repeatedly travelled to the Amazon, to Mayantuyacu, a center of traditional medicine of Ashaninka Master Juan Flores Salazar. In 2013 she met master shaman Jonathan Horwiz, with whom she started on another stage of this path. She became a shamanic practitioner through a long path of research and introspection and currently resides in Milan, Italy.

We are truly honoured that Bebetta – true soulpreneur & green goddess – has written an inspiring article about spirituality and the connection between the body and the mind.

Recently, practicing mindfulness has gained immense popularity, which is not surprising in times as these which are filled with moral crises. Connecting body and mind, the physical with the non-physical, not only has the power to heal individuals and families, but entire communities. When we live a little more mindful, we make better decisions. When we trust our unconscious, the intangible, the spirit of the earth, our generation has the ability to make a giant leap forward. So sit back, brew yourself some ginger tea and let Bebetta’s words slowly captivate your heart + soul.


Healing the Individual, Family, and Community

According to shamanism – an archaic form of spirituality from which all religion is founded – there is no separation between body and mind, physical and non-physical. Everything is vibration and everything is consciousness.

The art of the shaman is to become a channel devoid of ego, will, projections, manipulation; then entering into an altered state of consciousness, travel to parallel worlds and enter into communication with the spirits of nature and teachers to receive instructions, advice and power to heal or resolve health, practical, family, relationships, mental and spiritual issues.

Perhaps the most difficult thing for us in the West: We need to trust what the inner images reveal.

The shaman has to develop a direct personal relationship with the spirits of nature, train oneself to maintain mental concentration in order to perform complex tasks in a short time, and finally -and perhaps the most difficult thing for us in the West-, we need to trust what the inner images reveal.


For modern society is not easy to believe in spirits. From the perspective of our scientific culture it is an archaic concept, a superstition, a fallacy. The only way to find out, is trying to connect with the spirit world through inner visions.

Direct communication with the divine and for those who practice the art of shamanism has been humanity’s natural form of communication for millennia. Even now, the masters, yogis and shamans use it frequently. This is not theory, but a result of direct experience. One has to exit from the arena of thought to begin to discover that all the elements of nature are animated with a conscience, with which we can interact.

Where does disease originate? According to the shamanic vision every sickness and accident that we experience is the result of conditioning that results from mistakes made in the spiritual realm, in your present life, past lives or inherited from an ancestor. Through shamanic work you can repair these errors and acquire a greater degree of awareness.


The link between healing and knowledge is inseparable: the snake, the symbol of knowledge, is also the symbol of the art of medicine. Healing is associated with an understanding of the cause of the disease, which is expressed in an inner disharmony.

Where does disease originate? Inner disharmony.

Healing is always accompanied by an expansion of consciousness, which can not happen if you eliminate the symptoms with a pill. Pills often produce side effects and do not affect the causes of the disease, which can recur through other ailments. This is not to disregard the results of the medical establishment, which saves lives.

However, it is useful to focus on prevention, to avoid getting sick by choosing a healthy lifestyle (according to the WHO, 80% of illnesses come from the bad life choices and can be corrected), but especially devoting oneself assiduously to ‘self-healing’.
People - Woman Meditating in the Park medium


Shamanic healing works on individuals at the transpersonal level. Every healing touches areas that include: family, family tree, relationship with parents, siblings, ancestors, where we go to correct situations in our recent or distant past that affect the present. In this way we work not only on our own lives, but indirectly also on those of other members of the family, clan or tribe to which we belong in the earlier stages of our evolution.

Healing touches all those who are connected to us, known or unknown.

Another way to heal unknown beings is to offer a healing grace, a kind of shamanic charity, to give thanks to the spirit world and contribute to the evolution of all beings. Through shamanism we begin to feel part of a whole, the welfare of others becomes equal to ours, and their happiness fills us with a joy beyond the boundaries of the ego.

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