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Rêve en vert is a London-based company, co-founded by two incredibly talented and passionate young women, Cora Hilts and Natasha Tucker.

The moment I came across Cora and Natasha, I was intrigued, inspired and felt a great connection. Do you know that feeling? That feeling of deeply resonating with someone or something? I had it with these two. Here’s their story.

Cora and Natasha prove that with dedication and persistence dreams really do come true. In late 2012, the two got together and started speaking about their shared vision: creating greater sustainability in fashion. Six months later, their e-commerce website was up and running, allowing fashionistas a better way to shop.

The duo only selects independent designers that weave ethics into their collections. The collection is curated with an eye on aesthetics and lifestyle and offers customers the convenience of having several sustainable high fashion labels on one online platform.

Rêve en vert has quickly built an international network with an ever-expanding group of loyal customers. Cora and Natasha entertain their audience with their British wit and frequently flirt with French culture.

The fashion & textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Our designers produce their collections consciously.

Carrying labels with celebrity clients such as Amber Valetta, Olivia Palermo, and Jessica Alba, rêve en vert is the new and conscious way to shop independent designer fashion.




Natasha planned to work at an organic farm and initially dreamt of being a food entrepreneur. Cora worked in fashion in Paris and studied Sustainability and Environment. “In some lectures they were talking about the textile industry of being the second most polluting industry in the world with awful humanitarian and environmental impacts.”

The two met up for diner and quickly discovered their shared mutual passion, and the realization that there wasn’t really anywhere where you could go and shop consciously. They started looking into sustainable fashion, and found that there were actually designers out there doing things that were beautiful and ethical. “The idea was born to put all of these designers on one platform, where you could go, very much with a net-a-porter model really, and you would be able to buy something that you knew was sustainable, ethical, but also beautiful and high fashion, and you wouldn’t have to second-guess, an idea that was really just like a better way to shop.”


So, what can we expect from the industry in the coming years? “I do think that more and more now, there is going to be a call for change in the fashion industry. It is just untenable to keep going the way it has been, in terms of now recent world events. Bruno Pieters and Honest By really set this benchmark for the fact that fashion can be transparent. I think it is not a question of ‘if’ it is just a question of ‘when’,” Natasha explains. Cora adds, “We truly believe that rêve en vert and sustainable fashion is something in the future, and it will be the way of the future”.

Cora and Natasha draw a parallel between fashion and the only more polluting industry: the automobile industry. They explain that were very inspired by the overall message of Formula E – the Formula 1 of e-vehicles founded by two Spanish entrepreneurs. “Formula E aims to change the whole infrastructure of electronic cars and brings awareness to emissions of cars and the whole automobile industry in a very cool way. We thought it really resonated with what we have always seen rêve en vert doing, which is, being a catalyst for overall change,” Cora says.

Fashion can be transparent. It’s not a question of ‘if’. It’s just a question of ‘when’.

Sustainability in Fashion by Rêve en Vert


Storytelling is expected to become important in times of economic and moral crises. Society yearns for deeper meaning and becomes ever more concerned with the origin of things. “We talked about stories as being the most important element in a lot of ways to our entire company and our model,” Cora explains, “every single collection has a story behind it. Whether it is from the Faroe Islands by women that are doing ancient knitting techniques, or from Berlin where weaving techniques from Moldavia or Armenia are being reinstated, or any of these little things that make you feel personally connected to the clothing.”

The stories raise awareness about the fact that your clothes come from somewhere. Somebody made them. Cora continues, “I think a lot of people don’t take the time to ever think about that now. They buy it because it looks good and they want it now. But they never think like, ‘why is this Cashmere sweater – which is meant to be Cashmere, and high-end, and originally from a small herd of sheep in Scotland – all of a sudden available for only 29.99 at H&M?’ People don’t think about these kinds of things. And I think through stories you start recognizing that these are important questions to ask.”

“I think that it is that kind of layer of meaning and respect that we want our fashion to have and to be given to people as well,” Natasha reflects.

£2 billion worth of chemicals are sprayed on cotton crops worldwide every year, half of which are considered toxic by the World Health Organization. It’s time to get conscious about our style.


“It’s our commitment to bettering the world through the medium of fashion and lifestyle. In the rêve en vert office, we speak about curation, aesthetic and longevity as the traits we want to see in the labels we choose to carry.
We want to be able to showcase and promote independent designers who work taking into consideration their methods, where they produce their designs and what their products are made from.
We know that change in design must be made for our social and environmental wellbeing, so we want to use rêve en vert as the platform to put forward those pioneering labels that are progressing this goal in unique and innovative ways.”

Rêve en vert has free international and carbon neutral shipping.

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