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Healthy pleasures for superfoodies

Toute Amsterdam is raving on a health revolution. The hippest salad bar in town? I love SLA. Last summer, this health hero opened its doors in Old South (De Pijp). Only six months later, SLA’s founder expanded to other quarters with a new hotspot on the Westerstraat (De Jordaan). Now, Nº3 recently opened its doors in Amsterdam’s business district (Zuidas).


SLA (dutch for salad) offers a range of healthy pleasures, based on pure + delicious ingredients (90% organic). The beautiful salad-makers spot and select irresistible leafy greens, roots, proteins, nuts, seeds and homemade toppings + dressings.

Favourites range from delicious salads and colourful soups to fresh spelt breads with either black bean or carrot/turmeric hummus. The sugar-free + dairy-free kitchen also does some mouth-watering treats such as vegan cheesecake (mango/goji/lime), vegan ‘nana muffins (oats/walnuts/cinnamon) and the classic raw choco cake (cocos/chia).

But what’s more fun than making you own salad? The salad bar (built from a greenhouse’s frame) is a feast for the eyes. Most customers can’t resist the option of picking and choosing their own leaves, veggies, grains/seeds (such as black quinoa, amaranth or even mungbeans!), dressings (100% vegan), toppings (like pecans, sprouts, or protein-rich hemp seeds) and premium little food bombs such as avocado, homemade kimchi, goat cheese or chicken.

SLA (on the Westerstraat) also offers several superfoods by Planet Bio, Biobites raw crackers, Ghee Easy, Grenada Chocolat (only above 70% cacao), Hurraw Lipbalms, Kinfolk Magazine and books by inspiring food experts such as Michael Pollan, Kris Verburgh, Mari Maris, Eric van Veluwen, Jonathan Karpathios and Kyra de Vreeze.

Sssh… Health just fell in love with sustainability…


In line with its ethos, SLA knows exactly where each and every organic and local ingredient is coming from. You can find a complete list of every supplier online. Fresh herbs grow in the garden’s green house. This is where nature is truly nurtured.

To top of all that goodness, the entire crew walks around on TOMS Shoes. TOMS was founded with a straightforward mission: One for One. Every individual purchase of Toms shoes, will help a person in need.


The love for healthy cooking and conscious living is happily shared at SLA LAB. The LAB organizes monthly series of talks and workshops, such as ‘Cooking with Flowers’ by Jonathan Karpathios, ‘Food as Fingerlicking Medicine’ by Kyra de Vreeze, and an Organic Wine-tasting with Pieksman or a crash course in ‘Eating (Healthy)’ by Barbara Putman Cramer.


Ceintuurbaan 149
+31 (0)20 78 93 080
Open every day from 11am-9pm

Westerstraat 34
+31 (0)20 78 93 019
Open every day from 11am-9pm

Claude Debussylaan 35 (Zuidas | Business District)
+31 (0)20 23 33 490
Open Mo-Fri from 8am-9pm

Eat-in or take-away. I LOVE SLA also does home-delivery in some parts of Amsterdam.

Photo Credit © Teska Overbeeke and Maja Molière


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